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Perhaps you’re just starting on your beard journey, or maybe you’ve had the same one for as long as you can remember. Either way, perhaps it’s time for a change? They say a change is as good as a holiday – and with COVID, real holidays might be postponed for a while.

So, to inspire you to pick up those beard trimmers or head to the barber, we’ve put together our top 2021 beard trends to try this year. And who knows, if you’ve been struggling with your beard, one of these new beard styles could help you up your beard game entirely.



While we see a few classic looks return in 2021, there are also a couple of newbies that we love the look of. Remember, many of these trends are hot on the heels of the year or lockdowns, quarantine, and remote working. And we’re here for it.


  • The 5-O’Clock Shadow

Turn those 5 pm shadows (the hint of facial hair that appears after you’ve skipped your morning shave) into a rocking and on-trend beard. This timeless beard style is ideal for anyone just beginning their beard journey, men who struggle with patchiness, or those who can never quite get past the peach fuzz stage. 


  • The Scruff

Leave your stubble to grow for around three weeks, and you’ll have yourself trend number 2, the scruff. A little longer than stubble, this scruffy style is a little more on the shaggy spectrum. The key to a shaggy beard that looks tidy is maintaining its upkeep, which is relatively effortless. If done correctly, you can look both refined and rugged, which is just the look we love. 


  1. Faded Beard

We’re sure you’ve seen a few friends sporting faded haircuts, and, of course, the trend has now moved south toward the beard zone. Instead of one length, your barber will softly taper your beard closer to your scalp and right around both your sideburns. If you’re already rocking a faded haircut, a faded beard is a match made in heaven.  


  1. The Chin or Jawline Strap 

If you think you have the jawline of Zac Effron, choose a beard style that accentuates it. The strap style keeps your facial hair tight and straight along the chin or jawline, instantly drawing attention to your string jaw or chin area. The jawline beard features a bit more length and volume than the chin strap. 


  1. The Yeard

If you’re completely committed to growing out your facial hair for an entire year, the yeard beard is for you. While it seems like you just let it grow and grow and grow, the yeard will need constant upkeep, plus you’ll need to snip away any split ends or flyways. If you take care of your lengthy facial hair, a long-bearded style will be the envy of many.




No matter what type of beard you decide to go for, you need to make the most of your facial hair’s condition and beard color. At Godefroy, we have an exclusive range of products that will work wonders for your beloved beard. Here are a few of our top sellers:


  • Silver Fox: Godefroy SilverFox is a non-greasy, leave-in serum that instantly imparts brightness and shine to gray beards and facial hair. Used daily, it improves beard color and tone of dull gray or white facial hair. Simply massage a small amount into your beard each morning. 
  • Barbers Choice: An ideal beard dye for men’s facial hair that’s pre-measured in separate units means you can use the exact amount of beard color with no waste. Its unique color capsule is formulated with microscopic beard color pigments that deeply penetrate coarse facial hair, delivering long-lasting beard color for up to 6 weeks.  
  • Thick Beard and Moustache Growth Serum: Grow a longer, thicker, softer beard and mustache naturally. Godefroy’s Thick Serum is a nighttime treatment that combines Jamaican castor oil and plant extracts to provide intense nourishment to men’s facial hair. Used nightly, it can help to eliminate beard itch and flaky skin. Thick serum can also soften and add shine and luster to your facial hair.


To find out more about Godefroy, visit our website today. To shop our full men’s range, click here.

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