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Long lasting eyebrow transfers whose unique design is feathered to create a beautiful and natural looking eyebrow in seconds! Easy to apply and remove, MyBrows are water-proof and smudge proof, and with proper care can last for up to 5 days or more.

Replace your eyebrow pencile

No pencils or powders!

Which type are you?

Estimated 1 in 5 women suffer from thinning or sparse eyebrows


Vinyl Acrylate Copolymer, May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Iron Oxides (CI 77499), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Red 7 (CI 15850)

How to use

For a complete experience, more natural look, and extended life, try the companion product: My Brows 3-Step Care Kit. The kit comes complete with an exfoliator, transfer maintaining solution, and removal formula.


Clean the eyebrow with alcohol and cotton. For best results, gently exfoliatethe eyebrow area

If placing over thinning or patchy eyebrows, trim brow hair to 1/8 and inch or less

Cut out and separate one pair of eyebrow designs (one left and one right). Cut as close to the design edges as possible


Remove the clear sheet. Place eyebrow design face down. Carefully position one eyebrow design onto the eyebrow areausing a damp cloth or paper towel, press firmly onto the back of the design and hold for 60 seconds

Gently remove the paper backing and proceed to the next brow. You could use a ruler to make sure the brows are evenly positioned

To help blend the eyebrow design, pat the edges with facial powder that matches your skin tone


Saturate the eyebrow transfer with baby oil or mineral oil and let stand for 1-2 minutes, or until the eyebrow design is soft enough to remove with a cloth or tissue. You could also use the remove solution in the3-Step Care Kit


You can extend the life and appearance of the eyebrow design by following these suggestions

Apply baby powder to the eyebrow nightly, or use the post application solution in the3-Step Care Kit

Avoid putting soaps, lotions, or oils directly on the eyebrow design

Avoid scrubbing or rubbing eyebrow design while showering or washing your face


Return policy

Your satisfaction is always our top priority! We continually strive to make the return process easy and hassle-free for our customers. Returns Policy

Merchandise must be returned within 30 days from the time you receive it in order to receive a refund or exchange.To ensure a prompt, accurate refund or exchange, please include your name, address, and reason for the return along with your receipt and mail it to:Innovative Beauty Products, LLCPO Box 174915Arlington, TX 76003  All credits will be placed on the credit card used for the original purchase, less postage and handling.Allow 1 to 2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your statement. We can only offer a refund to products purchased from our website,

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Application Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

How does My Brows Work?

MyBrows transfer an eyebrow design from a paper backing to your skin, similar to a temporary tattoo. They are activated by water and have an adhesive film. 

How long do they last?

If properly applied and maintained, they can last for up to 3 to 5 days. 

Are all the brows the same size, length and width, per sheet?

Inside each package are identical brow transfers (size, length, and width). Within the range there are 4 different shades and 4 different arch shapes to choose from.

How can you get the adhesive not to show?

We have launched a care kit which helps eliminate the shine and increase wearability, which makes the brow look more natural and last longer.  Check it out HERE. You can also apply a facial powder to eliminate the shine and provide a more matte finish. 

How are these with really really oily skin?

Oily skin will not affect the performance as long as you remove any oils from the area that will be applying the eyebrow transfer. Use an oil free makeup remover or soap and water to remove any oils from the skin before applying.

Do you have to trim down/shave your brows? Can it be done without doing that?

We recommend that you trim any long brow hairs to ⅛ or less. The shorter the brow hairs are,the better the eyebrow transfer will adhere to the skin

Do I need the care kit to wear My brows?

No, the care kit increases Mybrows wearability, but is not required.

Can these tattoos be used over makeup, such as any foundation, concealers, and/or bb creams?

You can apply powder makeup over the My Brows to give it more of a matte finish, but we do not recommend applying OVER a liquid foundation or concealer because it will not allow the eyebrow transfer to adhere properly to the skin. 

Can these be used over microbladed brows?

Yes, you can wear these over a microbladed brow. Keep in mind you must have little to no brow hair for it to adhere properly.

Does this tint the skin or the hair?

Tint Kit will naturally tint both, however staining on the skin will fade quicker than on hair