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Woman applying a face mask on another woman at the salon

Professional Eyebrow Tinting

With Godefroy

Professional Eyebrow Tinting

With Godefroy

"Since I started using Godefroy Professional Eyebrow Tint, I've noticed a significant increase in average order value. It's so easy to use and affordable, my clients love it!"

Best Overall Eyebrow Tinting Kit: With more than 4,000 reviews, this eyebrow tinting kit is an Amazon favorite for a reason

The Best-Selling Brow-Tinting Kits: This kit has almost five stars on Amazon for a good reason

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tint for Sensitive Skin: Perfect for the brow-obsessed who have sensitive skin.

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A Profitable Add-On Service

For professional salons of all types

A Profitable Add-On Service

For professional salons of all types

  • PETA Approved Products

    Always 100% cruelty free, never tested on animals.

  • Vegan, Plant-Based Formulas

    Featuring green tea, soybean oil, and almond oil to nourish and tint the hair. No animal by-products ever.

  • No PPD, Ammonia, or Harsh Chemicals

    Contains no chemicals found in traditional hair color which are known to burn or irritate the eyes.

Easy To Train, Exceptional Results

After natural black eyebrow tint

Never Go Too Dark With Color Stop Technology

woman applying natural black eyebrow tint

Before & After

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Eyebrow Tinting Salon Costs & Profits

New York XS
Los Angeles XS
Atlanta XS
Chicago XS
National Average XS
New York $45 $0.95 6 MINUTES $44.05
Los Angeles $31 $0.95 6 MINUTES $30.05
Atlanta $30 $0.95 6 MINUTES $29.05
Chicago $38 $0.95 6 MINUTES $37.05
National Average $20 $0.95 6 MINUTES $19.05

* Based on average prices in the respective location