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Godefroy Professional Eyebrow Tint Kit 20 Applications

The only FDA-approved eyebrow tint for professional use, featuring color stop technology and a revolutionary formula with green tea and soy extracts to reduce irritation and allergic reactions. Available in five shades, this quick and easy 3-minute tint provides long-lasting, natural-looking results with 20 applications per kit.

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  • Made in the USA

    Small company based out of Dallas, Texas. All products are formulated and manufactured in the United States. Distributed worldwide

  • PETA Certified Cruelty Free

    100% Cruelty free products

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  • 10,000+ 5-Star Reviews

    Trusted Amazon best-selling partner with over 10,000 product reviews.

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Cream Colorant: Water (Aqua), Cetearyl
Alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Pyrogallol, Cetearyl Alcohol,
Ceteareth-20, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Prunus Amygdalus dulcis
(Sweet Almond) Seedcake Extract, Glycerin, Glycine Soya (Soybean) Extract,
Diazolidinyl Urea, Ascorbic Acid, Iron Oxides.

Gel Activator: Water (Aqua), Ammonium Acryloyldimethiltaurate/VP Copolymer, SilverNitrate,
Ammonia Hydroxide


Thicker, fuller, brows in just 4 simple steps, ready?

Step 1: Prep

Wash your eyebrows with mild soap and water, or use an oil free makeup remover, and dry completely. This makes sure the tint penetrates the hair. 

Then, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the eye brow. 

This prevents your skin from accidental staining. 

Step 2: Apply Solution One - Cream Colorant 

With the enclosed applicator stick, apply solution one onto the eyebrow. Generously cover the full length of your brow hairs with the cream colorant, and then let it stand for 2 minutes. Completely remove with a dry tissue.

Step 3: Apply Solution Two - Gel Activator 

Wipe the applicator stick clean and apply solution two directly to your brow hairs. Let the gel stand for one minute. 

Step 4: Clean

Wipe clean in the direction of hair growth, using a damp tissue or cotton ball. 

Enjoy your fresh, beautiful brows!

Note: Please perform an allergy test 48 hours before using the product. 

Even though we use natural, plant based ingredients, with NO Hydrogen Peroxide or synthetic dyes, we want to make sure your skin doesn’t react.

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Best Overall Eyebrow Tinting Kit: With more than 4,000 reviews, this eyebrow tinting kit is an Amazon favorite for a reason

Best For Beginners: Achieve fuller, darker brows in just three minutes with this easy-to-use eyebrow dye

Best Long-Lasting Eyebrow Dye: This easy-to-use dye has everything you need to get professional-worthy results.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tint for Sensitive Skin: Perfect for the brow-obsessed who have sensitive skin.

The Best-Selling Brow-Tinting Kits: This kit has almost five stars on Amazon for a good reason

Before & After

Can you spot the difference? Slide the bar to see a before and after application using Instant Eyebrow Tint

woman tint eyebrows before
woman tint eyebrows after

Easy to Follow Instructions

For use to train new professionals on eyebrow tinting.

Learn More
various colors of eyebrow tint

Six natural shades to best suit your clients hair

Godefroy Professional Eyebrow Tint gives your clients a fuller, thicker brow with little training or time required. Easy add-on service after hair coloring or other services. Complete brow tint kit has everything you need included.

Six natural shades to best suit your clients hair

Godefroy Professional Eyebrow Tint gives your clients a fuller, thicker brow with little training or time required. Easy add-on service after hair coloring or other services. Complete brow tint kit has everything you need included.

We make beautiful eyebrows, effortless

woman with tint eyebrows and eyelashes

A Better Way forward with Eyebrow Tinting

items included in eyebrow tint kit

Featuring Color Stop Technology

woman applying eyebrow tint

Choose The Perfect Brow Color For Your Clients

Check out our guide on how to classify your clients hair and choose the perfectly matching shade

eyebrow tint hair shades

How do I know which color to get?

Instant Eyebrow Tint is deposit only, meaning you can only go darker or cover gray. Makeup artists suggest you tint your eyebrows one shade darker if you have light hair and one shade lighter if you have dark hair. Another suggestion is to match your brow color with the color of your hair.

I need help on how to apply!

We understand tinting could be an intimidating process. If you have difficulty applying cosmetics it may be best to have a friend help you. For further guidance please click here to see a full application video which walks you through the step-by-step process

How can I use this to stain the skin as well as the hair?

Staining of the skin can occur on skin beneath the brow hair but will dissipate in a few days. Please refer to the instruction sheet on how to effectively stain the skin for a more dramatic effect.

How long does one application last?

About 4 weeks, however times vary based on your activity level and sun exposure. Increased exposure with sun and water could lower the lifespan

Can this be used on eyelashes?

Yes, Instant Eyebrow tint can be used to dye the lashes

Does this come with everything I need?

Yes, the kit is complete with everything you need to complete the tinting process

Can I go swimming after application?

Yes, you can enjoy all outside activities immediately after tinting. The formula is waterproof and sweat proof.

Can I use shampoo afterwards?

Yes, it holds up to shampoos and conditioners. Excessive washing may increase fading over time.

Is this like Henna hair color?

No, Henna is a plant based product that is only a temporary color. Permanent henna hair colors contain PPD as their active ingredient, making it unsafe for lash and brow tinting and increasing the chance of allergic reaction.