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How to Transition Your Skincare Routine with Seasons

How to Transition Your Skincare Routine with Seasons

How to Transition Your Skincare Routine with Seasons


As time passes and summer shifts to fall, it's important to adjust your beauty routine to adapt to the changing environment and needs of your skin. Different temperatures, humidity levels, and UV rays all can have an impact on your skin. Join the Godefroy Beauty experts as we dive into how our skin changes with the seasons, new beauty trends, and other factors that make your skincare routine need a few adjustments.



July 2023 has been marked as the hottest recorded month in history. As such, it’s no surprise people aren’t wearing as much makeup as they do in the cooler months. Many people in the summer opt for minimal or lightweight makeup to avoid it melting away due to sweat and the heat. 


Light makeup for summer

Opting for concealer or a light tinted moisturizer is a great way to prevent your makeup from feeling heavy in the summer. Sweat from hot weather mixed with any kind of makeup, particularly foundation, can also clog your pores and increase the chances of acne. Oil-free and lightweight products will help prevent this while keeping your skin cool. 

For eye shadow and other eye makeup, you can try several different looks. If it’s a bright, sunny day outside, you might want to try a colorful look with bold blues and pinks. If you want to complement your sun-kissed skin, try out a shimmery gold, blush pink, or orange/peach to enhance the tan. 

Lastly, hot weather means sweat, and sweat is not mascara’s friend. If you want to wear mascara, you will likely find waterproof mascara will hold a look the longest without smudging. However, waterproof mascara is hard to remove from the lashes, so it is best to use a gentle cleanser like micellar water to reduce the risk of lash damage. Alternatively, you could skip mascara entirely and opt for a semi-permanent lash tint, which tints the eyelashes to give them the appearance of mascara without the hassle of daily application and removal.  

Sun Protection 

Perhaps the most important rule of thumb for summer (and all seasons) is to wear sunscreen. Using a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 is recommended year-round. During the hot summer months, UV rays are stronger and more intense as the sun is directly overhead, so it is best to use sunscreen with a higher SPF number. 


We suggest looking for sunscreen made for the face area that is sweat and water resistant. If you are wearing makeup, apply sunscreen first, then do your makeup once it has absorbed into the skin.  

If you’re outside a lot, it is best to reapply sunscreen every two hours. You can do so by lightly misting a spray sunscreen across your finished look, then use a beauty blender to gently press a matte finishing powder in place. If you are more of a one and done person, check out elf Cosmetics’ Sun Protection + Setting Spray, which sets your makeup while providing sun protection. 


Beauty aside, hydration is one of the most important factors for your skin care. Not drinking enough water can lead to complications, so it’s recommended to drink 5-8 cups a day when it is hot out- though the exact amount differs for each person. Being properly hydrated can help reduce wrinkles, prevent severe acne, and improve elasticity, among other benefits. 



Hydration comes in more forms than just water. Moisturizer is incredibly important for the health of your skin. Sweating in these hot temperatures may tempt you to skip the moisturizer. However, sweating and washing your face can dry out the skin. Moisturizer acts as a gentle barrier to protect your skin. In the summer, it is best to use a lightweight, water-based moisturizer to help the skin keep its moisture without feeling too heavy. 

Don’t forget that all that sweat has to come from somewhere. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are all severe and possibly life-threatening complications that can arise from not drinking enough water. Spending time outdoors, exercising a lot, or working outside leads to an increase in sweating, which makes maintaining your hydration difficult during the hot summer months. 



Once the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to change colors, it is time to consider a few adjustments to your skincare and beauty routine.


Makeup in the fall and autumn months tend to incorporate more earthy, neutral tones. 

As summer tans begin to fade, people lean on contouring to provide defined-looking cheekbones, jawlines, and nose bridges. Some even use self-tanner on the face for a semi-permanent look.  

Makeup color trends during the fall typically incorporate earthy tones, like tan, brown, and blacks, for eye color. Dark, warm colors can be used on cheeks and lips.  

Change in Skin Texture 

After a season of sun and heat, hydration levels in the skin might fall. When your skin starts adjusting to the cooler months, it can become dry and rough. This is natural and due to the skin shedding process our bodies endure. Gentle exfoliants and light cleansers can help prevent the skin from drying out and becoming flaky. 

Continue Using Sun Protection 

As the seasons transition to cooler weather, using an SPF 30 sunscreen is still recommended on exposed skin. Even in cool weather, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can still damage the skin.  




When temperatures lower, it is a good idea to re-evaluate your beauty routine. Not only will adapting to the winter season enhance your skin's quality and make you feel better, but it will also help you be ready for all upcoming holidays that take place in the winter.


Crème makeup is the preferred option this season compared to powder makeup. Crème blushes, foundation, and eye shadows prevent makeup from looking cakey and flaking off. Crème based makeup absorbs into the skin and gives better coverage!  

With 14 religious holidays being in the month of December alone, many people use their holidays and their respective festivities for their creative outlets. Fun makeup looks, costumes, and intricate eyeshadow details are all a part of celebrations. Common color palettes are red and green, blue and white, and gold and white. 


Holidays aside, lip balm is also important during winter. Chapped lips are common during these cold months—prevent your lips from cracking with tinted lip balm. Having a tint to your balm will bring a subtle color back to your face and lips, all while moisturizing them.

For people living in places with extreme cold, something stronger than a lip balm may be helpful to fight chapped lips. Consider opting for petroleum jelly to moisturize instead of Chapstick, with a colored gloss to add depth. 

 Prevent Dry Skin

Cold months present a challenge to hydration. Cold air tends to be drier than warm air, which can lead to skin dehydration and irritation. To beat this, it is best to use a moisturizer with emollients, which form a film on your skin. Common emollients include petrolatum, lanolin, and mineral oil. Products like Vaseline and Aquaphor use emollients to create a thick base and are great for chapped lips and dry hands.  

While hot showers sound like a compelling option in a frigid winter, very hot showers can dry out your skin and hair. Try to keep the water at a lukewarm temperature to avoid stripping the skin of moisture, and you can even use products like the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, which are designed to work while the skin is wet. 

It is particularly important to remember to wear sunscreen when doing activities with snow, like skiing or snowboarding, as the snow reflects UV rays back to you, essentially strengthening their power. 




Once the spring flowers begin to bloom, it is time to tweak your routine once again. The shift from winter to spring can be a bit jarring for your makeup and skincare routine. Keep reading for our tips on how to ease into spring.  


Serums are a great way to provide nutrients to the skin and hair during the warmer seasons. After a long winter season of heavy moisturizing, serums ease your skin into a lighter hydration routine. Further, winter can be harsh on dry skin. Many serums have healing agencies to prevent this dry texture and discoloration of the skin.  

Hyaluronic acid is a common ingredient in skin serums. It possesses antioxidants that brighten and firm your skin. Vitamin C is also an important nutrient to look for in a face or skin serum. It protects against environmental factors and stress; both of which can cause skin inflammation and slow down healing processes with cracked, dry skin or other wounds.

Serums are light and easy to apply. They can lock in moisture, like a standard moisturizer, and feed the skin nutrients you might not be getting through food.  

On-the-go Makeup

spring makeup on the go

Spring is one of the most favored seasons, but it is also a key time of year for seasonal allergies. More than a 100 million people a year suffer from allergies. Common symptoms include itchy eyes, sore throat and a runny nose. This is all bad news for your full face of makeup; especially during those warm nights out and afternoon brunches where you always want to be photo ready.  

Keep your makeup compact this season with travel sized bottles that can easily be transported wherever you go! This will help you reapply your makeup whenever you need. Some of Godefroys products are perfect for on-the-go; our brow tint sachets can easily fit into your purse or makeup back, ensuring that you will have flawless brows wherever you go.

Makeup Trends  

Holidays around springtime have a huge impact on the makeup trends that stay classic during this season. Pinks, oranges, yellows and greens are fun to experiment with, especially with an eye look or with lip makeup. 

Bright and bold reds are also popular. Dab some blush on the cheeks with a similar or matching shade of lip color. Go glossy for an added look of hydration! We encourage using a bright color palette for spring on all the facial features.  


We hope these tips will make you feel more comfortable adapting to a flexible beauty routine, no matter what the weather is. What is your favorite season for beauty? Comment down below!  

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