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Men’s Facial Hair 101: The Best Tips and Tricks

Men’s Facial Hair 101: The Best Tips and Tricks


Men’s Facial Hair 101: The Best Tips and Tricks

As men get older or change routines, different challenges are presented when it comes to facial hair upkeep and maintenance. In recent years, beards and mustaches have become increasingly popular as a fashion statement, with many men choosing to grow and groom them in different ways to express their personal style. There are many different colors and styles to choose for your facial hair, so we are going to help you pick a style and routine best suited for you.

Cleaning up the edges

Cleaning up the edges of your facial hair can help give you a polished and well-groomed appearance. Neatly trimmed and shaped facial hair can enhance your facial features and give you a more defined look. It can also help to create a more symmetrical appearance, which can be visually appealing. Some men prefer a more natural, rugged look, while others prefer a more precise, clean-cut appearance. You need to decide on the kind of persona you wish to establish through your style. Are you more clean cut or rugged. Your job and industry dictates a lot regarding credibility through style and dress.  Establishing a look that you like and making an easy routine to maintain it will make a huge difference in your appearance and the way you carry yourself, along with a sense of credibility if your style matches your interests or expertise.

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Eyebrow Trimming and Shaping

Eyebrow hair is relatively thinner than beard/mustache or body hair, but still thicker than the hair on your head. It is easy to pluck and trim eyebrows with a razor and clean up with trimming scissors. Another long-lasting solution to keeping your eyebrows clean is waxing. Facial waxing strips are simple and easy to use. You simply place the strip over unwanted hair, peel off, and the hair will be removed from the root, giving you longer lasting results while avoiding the stubble left behind by razors. Lastly, tinting the brows can give them a more defined, bold, and youthful appearance. Godefroy's Just for Brows: Men’s Eyebrow Tint consists of a simple two-step process, that only takes minutes to apply. These formulas are specially designed for use around the eyes, and are less irritating than hair color or beard dye. 


Beard and Mustache Trimming and Shaping

Experimenting with the desired shape of your beard and mustache can be helpful to then determine the maintenance and routine you would need to adopt. Most beards should be trimmed and cleaned up once a month or so depending on your hair growth. Hair clippers, razors and waxing are popular techniques used to remove unwanted hair from the beard and mustache area. Having a good quality beard trimmer could be the thing that takes your facial hair to the next level.


Beards are not scratchy: they're dehydrated.

Just like the hair from the scalp, your facial hair needs to have a moisturizing step implemented into its routine. When the hair is not moisturized it can become dry, brittle, and rough to the touch. Beard oil can help with this, to reduce dandruff, to moisturize, and to condition your beard. The oil is typically made with a blend of carrier oils, and can help tame any unruly beard hair. It will also help to reduce dullness in your beard, and make it shine instead!


Gray beards


If you have gray hair coming in and want to get rid of them, we have the answer. Godefroy has the perfect solution for this with our beard tint kit that will help you achieve the desired look you are hoping for.  Our professional Barber’s Choice: Beard & Mustache Color kit will elevate your look instantly in a matter of minutes. It is formulated exclusively to cover men’s thick facial hair on beards, mustaches, temples and sideburns. We carry a variety of different shades, including dark brown, jet black, medium to light brown, and natural black. It is the ideal beard dye for men with long lasting results made up of organic ingredients.

Now, if you are the complete opposite and embrace your gray hairs, we have the perfect product for that as well! Our Silver Fox Enhancing Beard Creme  instantly brightens any gray beard and facial hair. Used daily, it will improve the color and tone of dull gray or white facial hair, and reduces any yellow, brassy tones. Works similar to a purple shampoo, but as a leave-in beard conditioner. We also have a shampoo and beard oil that work the exact same way! 


silver fox for gray beard products


Wash your facial hair regularly:

Wash your beard! Washing a few times a week with a beard shampoo of your choice will remove dirt and sweat buildup, reduce itchiness, promote growth, and improve overall appearance. Also, the root of your hair is essential for any hair growth. Making sure you are exfoliating your skin by massaging the hair follicles at the base during your face cleansing routine helps blood circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles stimulating hair growth. Pay close attention to how your beard feels after washing/exfoliating, and adjust your washing routine accordingly.    


Use the right tools and products

To take your eyebrows to the next level you need the right equipment. All you need is a pair of high-quality tweezers, professional salon scissors, and a mirror. The tweezers tool will trim the brows which makes it easy for men to remove unwanted facial hair. Once you have successfully trimmed your eyebrows with styling tools, you can use an eyebrow brush to sweep them into a neat formation. This is an effective way to fill in the missing spots in your eyebrows and instantly elevate your look. Experimenting with these tools, you'll be able to get the definition and style you want.  




Always remember that men's grooming can be an easy process, and it is all about looking clean, polished and fresh. By taking a small amount of time each morning to take care of your eyebrows and facial hair, you can significantly improve your personal hygiene, enhance your features, and positively influence social perception. We hope that you found these tips helpful! Have any questions or concerns? Please let us know below.

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