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The Ultimate Guide To Purple Shampoo For Men

By Blanca Berumen

The Ultimate Guide To Purple Shampoo For Men

By Blanca Berumen

So, what exactly is purple shampoo? And why do people use it?

Purple Shampoo consists of a violet pigment that neutralize any brassy, yellow tones that can be found in blonde, silver, gray, white, bleached, or brassy hair. When it comes to coloring your hair, to ensure you get the shade of blonde you want with the least amount of damage as possible, the initial hair dying process can take months depending on your natural hair color. The most important step your stylist will need to do is tone the hair with a purple shampoo to get rid of unwanted warm tones. Even after dying or bleaching your hair, it is recommended to incorporate purple shampoo into your usual shower routine.

How does it work?

To get technical, purple is on the opposite side of yellow on the color wheel; therefore, purple can be seen as a color corrector when dealing with yellow tones. When going blonde, hair stylists will use a professional toner to give you a cooler toned blonde, but that alone will not last forever. It is recommended to invest in purple shampoo to maintain your blonde and avoid any warm, brassy tones. But purple shampoo is not just for those who bleach their hair blonde! For men, it can be used on their facial hair.

Purple shampoo benefits for mens gray hair

senior man with grey hair and facial hair

Like we said, you do not have to be blonde to enjoy the benefits of purple shampoo! The violent pigments work great for gray hair and are a great way to maintain a polished, well-groomed beard and scalp.

Tips for using purple shampoo on facial hair/scalp:

grey enhancing shampoo and conditioner product

Other Products

So, now you know what purple shampoo is, what it does, and how to correctly use it. But a shampoo can only do so much. You can elevate your beard and scalp by pairing it with other products that can enhance your gray.

The first product you can pair with it can be a purple leave in conditioner. This dynamic duo works in harmony to not only cleanse but also to intensify the silver hues in your facial hair.

For those on-the-go touch-ups, Godefroy offers a Beard and Hair White Color Brush – a brush-on color solution designed for men who want a fully white or gray beard. With this brush, you can cover patchy areas in your facial hair with a pure white effect, ensuring your beard stays perfect and silver wherever life takes you.

And lastly, we offer a specially formulated beard oil for greyish beards. Silver Fox Gray Enhancing Beard Oil is part of the Silver Fox Gray Enhancing Collection designed to elevate gray or light hair and maximize the silver look. Godefroy ultimately has your hair and your facial hair needs covered, one purple product at a time! Thanks for reading.

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