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Brows Around the World: Embracing Eyebrow Trends in Different Cultures

By Amaya Determann and Sophia Zevallos

Brows Around the World: Embracing Eyebrow Trends in Different Cultures

By Amaya Determann and Sophia Zevallos

Eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping the look of our faces. Beyond aesthetics, eyebrows act as a key frame for our face. Whether thin or full, sleek or arched, they capture a spectrum of expressions. Today, we are going to cover eyebrow trends in different countries, and we will see how eyebrows can speak volumes about history, personality, and the ever-changing face of beauty. Let's get into it :)

Middle Eastern Brows

The charm of full, dark Middle Eastern Brow is truly extraordinary. These women's eyebrows usually have rich, deep hues and a more voluminous appearance. These naturally thick brows with their sharp edges and impressive shape enhance the overall allure. These brows in all their beauty are inherently genetic, reflecting the region’s distinctive appearance. With the rave of new eyebrow trends, the classic Middle Eastern brows are the leading inspiration for the full brow movement. They’re the balanced blend of functionality and beauty, creating a look that is timeless.

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Western Brows Trends

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Africa's Rich Eyebrow Culture 

According to Refinery 29’s article on brow trends seen internationally, Marco Ackers, a senior makeup artist from NARS, states that in Sub-Saharan African countries, like Kenya, brows formed and shaped with high arches and a defined tail is preferable and trending. Also, an important factor to consider when doing your makeup is the climate. During warmer, humid months, your makeup is prone to melt or smudge due to sweat or the humidity. Using waterproof makeup products can help prevent sweat from ruining your makeup. Ackers also states that Sub-Saharan Africa is known for its extreme humidity, so waterproof products, like eyebrow tints, are useful. 

South American Styles

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How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Tint: Tips from Around the World

Man with a butterfly on his thick eyebrows

Conclusion: Celebrating Diversity Through Eyebrows

Our brows serve as a tale of our origins and identity. Embracing the authenticity of our natural brows offers a window into our cultural heritage. Allowing everyone to proudly showcase their roots. There’s profound beauty in celebrating the uniqueness of one’s brows, whether they’re thin or full. Each subtle contour and curve capture every emotion, reflecting the essence of who we are. By embracing our natural brows, we unveil a more authentic and genuine version of ourselves. 

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