Most people who dye their hair probably don’t think twice about what chemicals are going on their heads, but others of us would rather know before we glow. If you’re one of those people who’s timid about trying hair dye because you’re afraid of the damage it might do, keep reading for some fast facts on how the dye works.

First off, dye does change the chemical make-up of your hair—it has to in order to alter the color, but the good news is, our head, eyebrow, and eyelash hairs are constantly growing and being replaced to keep them all fresh and healthy. However, constant dying can result in brittle hair and cause easy breaking.

Now, how does the dye work? Hair dye packages usually come with three parts or steps. There’s the color, the activator, and the conditioner.

The color, as you can probably guess, is what colors the hair, but, by itself, it would only put color on the outside of your hair, the part that’s called the cuticle. In order to give your hair a permanent new color, it has to get inside. That’s what the activator is for.

The color activator usually contains ammonia or peroxide which causes the cuticles to swell, allowing the color to get inside the hair strands and affect the hair cortex. Now the color won’t wash out after a few shampoos.

Lastly, there’s the conditioner which is included in some hair dye kits. The purpose of this is sometimes to refresh the color, but it mostly just leaves your hair feeling light and shining like the sun—Okay, not literally.

If you’re leaning towards coloring your hair or eyebrows but are still unsure about it, you should definitely give Godefroy Beauty’s hair dye a try. One of the main selling features of Godefroy’s hair colors is that they are completely ammonia free, and our eyelash and eyebrows tints do not contain ammonia or peroxide making them safe to use around the eye area. Besides all that, they’re amazingly simple to apply, and all of our products are vegan and cruelty-free!

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I would love to try your hair color and eyebrow tint. And mascara for my small eyelashes. My right side of my face, I had a stroke. So eyelashes won’t curl. Maybe your heated curler will do the trick


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