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Essential Hair Care Tips for Men Over 40

By Sophia Zevallos & Amaya Determann

Essential Hair Care Tips for Men Over 40

By Sophia Zevallos & Amaya Determann

What happens to our hair over time?

As we age, our hair undergoes many changes that demand a shift in our grooming routine to maintain health and volume. Whether you notice a few more strands in your comb, a receding hairline, or greying beard, today we will explore practical and effective strategies to maintain optimal hair health.


Do you freak out when you see a gray hair? Do you think plucking those gray hairs make more grow back? 🤔

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How hair changes over 40

Aging is inevitable, and so is gray hair, but why does our hair turn gray the older we get? Our hair has cells that produce melanin, which gives color to hair, and as we get older, these cells begin to slowly die. This causes a stop in melanin production and causes hair to turn gray. Gray hair is also much thinner than colored hair due to the hair follicles.  One of the main causes of graying could also be genetics. If your parents started graying in their early 30s or late 20s, then you’re most likely to start graying around the stay age too. Don’t worry though, Godefroy has some tips and tricks for you! In this blog, we will discuss how to help you cover up your grays, keep your hair healthy, and if you want to embody the natural silver fox look, we have tips on how to enhance your gray hairs as well.

Hair Care Strategies for Thinning Hair

man applying growth serum to his gray beard

Also, if you’re trying to combat hair thinning our Barber’s Choice THICK beard and mustache growth serum is made with castor oil, which is known to soften and strengthen facial hair. Lastly, you can have a great hair maintenance routine, but if you have a poor, unhealthy diet, your hair could reflect that. This is a reminder to make sure you incorporate foods that contain vitamin C, iron, omega 3, and zinc to ensure hair growth. Spinach, eggs, berries, salmon, and avocados are perfect examples of foods that can help with maintaining your hair growth.  


The BEST shampoos if you are BALDING🧴

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Products Tailored to Your Needs

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Embrace Age with Confidence

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