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Eyebrow Lamination Trend: The Pros and Cons

Eyebrow Lamination Trend: The Pros and Cons


In the world of beauty today, full and sculpted eyebrows are currently one of the biggest trends. The era of thin, overly tweezed brows has begun to transition into women accepting and embracing the big, fluffy brow look. There are several eyebrow treatments currently available, but brow lamination has gained remarkable traction, propelled mostly by pop culture and social media. Brow lamination has emerged as a leading, long-lasting procedure in both the salons and in at-home DIY kits. 

Professional brow lamination services are typically in the $75-$120 range depending on where you live, whereas at-home kits are around $50. Today, join the Godefroy Brow Experts as we guide you through the ins and outs of brow lamination! 

What is Brow Lamination? 


Brow Lamination is a chemical treatment that acts like a perm for your eyebrows. The treatment requires two steps: perming and neutralizing.  

Perming  solutions contain an active ingredient called ammonium thioglycolate to relax hair follicles, which allows the brow hairs to straighten out and be manipulated into the desired shape. While not required, people often put plastic wrap on their eyebrows during this process as it helps set the solution by retaining body heat. 

Neutralizing is the second step in brow lamination and is important for your hair health. Neutralizing solutions repair keratin bonds after hair follicles have been exposed to chemical solution, preventing potential hair breakage in your eyebrows.  

What Happens in the Salon? 


For those seeking a professional hand in brow laminating, treatments are available in salons and administered by licensed estheticians. The process typically takes under an hour and includes several steps to ensure flawless results. 

Step 1: The salon technician will clean the brows using a cleansing solution. 

Step 2: The technician will apply the perming solution and likely place a plastic wrap over the brows. 

Step 3: After the brows have set, the esthetician will wipe off the cream and brush the brows in an upwards motion. 

Step 4: The fixing solution will be applied to set the brows in place. 

Step 5: A conditioner will be applied to restore moisture. 

If desired, the technician may tweeze or thread stray hairs to help keep your brows looking sleek. It is also possible to get your brows dyed or tinted during the lamination process; just ask your tech! 

DIY Laminated Brows 

At-home DIY kits generally follow the same steps as a salon would, so you can experience the lamination process from the comfort of your home. While the convenience and lower price point of at-home lamination can be alluring, the use of these harsh chemicals so close to the eyes requires extreme caution.  

To ensure a safe and successful experience, perform a patch test prior to using the product and follow the provided instructions very closely. As always, if you experience any major irritation, discontinue use and then contact a medical professional immediately. 

Brow Lamination Maintenance  

The magic of brow lamination tame the brows into shape and can last 4-6 weeks, if proper care is taken. The first 24 hours after the treatment are particularly critical, during which you should refrain from exposure to water, sunlight, and oil-based products around the eye area. Activities like swimming or tanning are heavily discouraged, as they may compromise the effectiveness of the lamination process. By heeding these simple guidelines, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your brows will look full and healthy every day without the hassle of an extensive beauty routine! 


What are the pros and cons of brow lamination? 


  • Long-lasting results: Arguably the most appealing aspect of brow lamination is its ability to offer flawless results that can endure for several weeks, even up to two months, hence minimizing the need for daily brow grooming and salon visits.  
  • Speed: Brow lamination is a quick process, usually taking only an hour or less. 
  • Style: Brow lamination enhances the brows by giving a full and defined appearance, providing a convenient solution for people with sparse or thinning brows. 
  • Pain-free: Unlike many brow procedures like threading, tweezing, microblading, or tattooing, brow lamination doesn’t involve any needles or pulling out hairs, making it a pain-free procedure great for those who want a comfortable beauty enhancing experience. 


  • Tough ingredients: Improper use of brow laminating chemicals can lead to irritation and, in extreme cases, even permanent vision loss if they come into contact with your eyes. Additionally, the harsh chemicals can irritate the thin skin surrounding the eyes. 
  • Long-lasting results: While the longevity of lamination results is a pro for many, it can be a con if the outcome is unsatisfactory, as there is currently no safe and quick method to reverse the treatment. 
  • Price: Getting your brows laminated at the salon can cost upwards of $100 (depending on where you live). Even the at-home kits can be a little pricy. So if you are wanting something a little more affordable, at-home brow tinting instead could be the perfect solution. 

Alternatives to Brow Lamination 

Whether you prefer the flexibility of daily-use products or want brows that will never move again, there are several brow cosmetics and procedures that are available for you to consider.



  • Pencils and gels: Affordable brow products like pencils and gels allow for creative and flexible daily applications, making them an ideal choice for those who want to be in full control of their appearance.  
  • Threading: Brow threading is a precise cosmetic procedure that shapes the eyebrows and removes unwanted hair for a defined appearance. While it does not contribute to a fuller look, it does enhance the brow’s overall definition.  
  • Brow tinting: This semi-permanent technique, available in both at-home kits and in the salon, uses a semi-permanent dye to color the eyebrows, resulting in a fuller and darker appearance that lasts several weeks.  
  • Brow microblading: With results lasting anywhere from 12-36 months, microblading mimics hair-like strokes using a needle to deposit ink into the first layer of skin for a natural and lasting effect. 
  • Brow tattooing: For those seeking the most permanent brow enhancement, tattooing on eyebrows deposits ink deep into the skin to create the appearance of well-defined and full brows. While permanent, you may still need touch-ups every few years as tattooed colors tend to change a bit over time. 

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