Fashion and beauty trends go beyond the latest cut of jeans or eyeshadow palette. Our eyebrow trends evolve and change just as quickly. Who remembers the thin pencil over tweezed eyebrows of the 90s? We’ve transitioned from plucking our brows into almost nonexistence to begging them to grow back to their original full glory.  

Some trends lasted much longer than others, and some continue to make a comeback. Eyebrow trends have shaped our faces through the decades. From the ultra-thin to ultimate arch, let’s go back through time and look at some of the most popular eyebrow trends over the years.  


THE 1920S 

Eyebrow trends truly started to get noticed in the 1920s when print and film became more available. The eyebrow trend of the 90s could be seen in dramatically defined and thin brows with a slightly rounded arch and a tail that swept downwards.  


THE 1930S 

The drawn-on brows continued to be popular throughout the 30s, but the arch became more pronounced and upward rounded arched. The brows were still thin, but they were a little sharper than the previous decade, which lifted the face. The highest point of these arches tended to be directly over the pupil, which made the brow appear higher. 


THE 1940S 

Brows throughout the 40s were full and natural yet still very much shaped. With men out at war, women had to take on more traditional male roles, paving the way for thicker natural brows that went well with the Rosie the Riveter mentality. Women were embracing their natural brows that aimed to soften their features. 


THE 1950S 

Thanks to Marilyn Monroe, prominently arched groomed brows became the primary trend of the 1950s. This era ushered in the prominent sultry arched brow that was bold and mysterious. The shape tended to be more squared with a high pointed arch highlighted by darker brows that people started to pencil in or use eyeshadow on their brows.  


THE 1960S 

More than one trend made its way into the 60s thanks to the rise of Hollywood greats like Audrey Hepburn, a timeless fashion and beauty icon of all time, who had the thick full natural brows with a slight arch, women today still try to mimic the perfection of her brows. At the other end of the brow trends, you had Twiggy, the supermodel and cultural icon, with rounded arches and a long brow tail to help offset the bright, vivid eye makeup and spiky exaggerated lashes.  


THE 1970S 

Thin, rounded brows took the stage throughout the 70s, where brows became thinner, looking to highlight the eyes. The drastically arched brows were a popular feature that helped emphasize the bright sparkly eye makeup and long lashes. Not all 70s brows were high arched and plucked thin. The 70s ushered in an era of all-natural everything, and women embraced their natural hair and forgo brow grooming altogether. 


THE 1980S 

The 80s were full of bold fashion trends, and the eyebrows were no exception. Caterpillar brows began to make their way into the scene. The full, natural-looking brows could be seen on just about every beauty icon of the 80s, like Brooke Shields and Whitney Houston. The less manicured and bushier the brow, the better. 


THE 1990S 

Throughout the 90s, brow trends started to get thinner. People began plucking their brows again, taking inspiration from the brow trends of the 60s. The 90s brow is thought to be one of the more embarrassing trends, and I’m sure most of us have the photo evidence to show we were not immune from the thin, penciled-on eyebrow with the extra-long tail.  


THE 2000S 

Eyebrows only got thinner in the 2000s bringing in the pencil brow. People were all too willing to tweeze and wax their brows into a thin, sharp arched single line brow on their brow bone. These brows were barely there but cut to the mid-2000s, the natural brow started to make its way back into trends and began to evolve from there. 


THE 2010S 

Throughout the 2010s, a bold, sculpted brow was often referred to as the Instagram brow made popular by influencers and celebrities alike. This decade introduced us to dedicated brow beauty products from pencils to pomades. There was a product to help each of us get that perfectly groomed brow. These products would help us make our brows more pronounced, angled arch with a sharp tail creating a face-framing feature and photo-worthy brows.  



The natural brow is here to stay as we continue to embrace everything natural. The natural brow trend sticks to your natural shape and a hint of definition that is neither too skinny nor too thick. With this look, it’s easy, gorgeous, and as simple as running a stoolie brush through the brown for a clean, fresh look. 

The pin-straight brow without a strong arch has been rising in popularity and continues to take hold in eyebrow trends. With this trend, the brow is fuller, and the arch is more diminished with a tail lift to make the brow appear straighter, giving you a magical eye-lifting appearance. 

When bold and full are the brow goals, many people turn to brow tinting and growth products. With brow-tinting, you can go to a specialist or find an at-home kit to apply a safe semi-permanent dye to your brow to darken and refine the hairs around your brow, giving you that timeless full brow you always dreamed of, along with the added benefit of reduced daily brow maintenance. We also happen to have a full eyebrow tinting tutorial on our website as well.x

Your brows play an essential role in helping to shape your face and accentuate your eyes. Not everyone is born with the perfect brow, so naturally, we have to fill, trim, or shape our brows to give us a look that turns heads. Brow trends will continue to evolve, but you can bet natural looking fuller brows are a timeless trend, here to stay. 

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