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Eyelash Trends Throughout the Years

Eyelash Trends Throughout the Years

Eyelash Trends Throughout the Years  

Amaya and Mehrien  



Remember the days of messy mascara and spider lashes? We've come a long way, from dramatic volume to natural enhancements. Some trends, like the iconic curled lash, have remained timeless, while others, like the extreme clumpy lashes of the past, are a fun peek into history. One thing's for sure – eyelashes play a major role in framing the face and completing a look. From dramatic volume to natural definition, join us on a journey through time as we explore the most popular eyelash trends throughout history! 


  1. Ancient Egyptian 2500 BC –  


Travel back in time to 2500 BC, and you'll find the ancient Egyptians pioneering the art of beautiful lashes. Both men and women valued long, luscious lashes, believing they not only enhanced beauty but also offered protection from the harsh sun. Egyptians used natural ingredients like kohl to line their eyes and darken and lengthen their lashes. They even crafted tools like brushes and combs to meticulously style their lashes, achieving a dramatic, fanned-out effect. 

  1. 1920s -1930s 


Silent film stars of the 20s, like Clara Bow, craved expressive eyes. This led to the birth of "beaded lashes," a technique where melted grease paint was used to create tiny beads to the ends of natural lashes. In the 1930s, Hollywood's rise solidified the desire for dramatic, curled lashes. Maybelline capitalized on this with their first commercial mascara and the first Kurlash eyelash curler in 1933. Nowadays we have heated eyelash curlers such as the PermaCurl Pro for perfect curled lashes. 


  1. 1950s-1960s  


The 50s embraced a softer, more feminine ideal. The "doe-eye" look reigned supreme, with a focus on length and definition rather than extreme drama. Women relied heavily on mascara and eyeliner to achieve this effect, with false lashes still being a less common option compared to the coming decade. By the 1960s, a shift towards bolder looks began. 


 Inspired by models like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, the "big eye" look emerged. False eyelashes took center stage, with women often layering multiple pairs on their top and bottom lashes. 


  1. 1970s-1980s  


Dust off your dancing shoes because we’re in the disco era of the 1970’s. A timeless period that inspired the grooviest makeup trends in history. The “glam rock” aesthetic was not for the faint of heart. This bold look swept the nation as frosted eyeshadow, bold bottom lashes, and glitter became everyday makeup essentials. Initially inspired by the 60s, dramatic bottom lashes were seen as the essence of beauty. As celebrities like Cher could be seen with long “spidery” lashes to complete her sequins outfits. By the 1980s, the party didn’t stop as colorful makeup was front and center. Eyelashes were now blue, green, and purple as various shades of mascara were invented. Beauty took on an era of expression and acceptance through individuality and color.  


  1. 1990s-2000 

Picture this, it’s summer of 99’ you’re plucking your brows and applying your favorite brown lip liner. “If You Had My Love” is blaring from your radio while your pager beeps nonstop. Beauty during this time was ‘au naturale’ as flesh toned pigments were used to accentuate facial features. Lashes were crafted to complement a look and not overpower it. Using drugstore staples like Covergirl, Maybelline, and a simple lash curler would get the job done. Beauty secrets from this decade are highly beloved and recreated by many. All it takes is the perfect lash tint and curler in your arsenal to get you started.  



  1. 2010- Now! 


The year 2010 was all about the highlight reel. Instagram replaced the daily news, your favorite youtuber just posted a new tutorial, and the Kardashians ruled the beauty industry. It was a crime to leave the house without the sharpest contour or a fluffy lash. Eyelash extensions made a huge comeback with better quality and various shapes and sizes. The invention of the first magnetic lash inspired ease to make everyday makeup routines a breeze. And with the rise of social media, we were able to share our glam journey with just the click of a button.  


(conclusion) : The famous saying “history repeats itself,” truly holds true when it comes to the evolution of eyelash trends. What was once used to protect the eyes from the ancient Egyptian sun, transitioned into becoming a means of beauty and expression. The invention of lash extension and curlers soon aided in the process of magnifying women's lashes. As new trends come and go, we can always pay homage to the past. Thanks for reading! 


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