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Godefroy's Expert Brow Trends for 2023

Godefroy's Expert Brow Trends for 2023


Creative Eyebrow Expression In 2023

Unique and expressive eyebrow art has become a popular trend in recent years, with people using various techniques and styles to achieve creative and eye-catching looks. We are here to give you a guide to proportions, shaping, and styling your eyebrows: the Godefroy way! Our eyebrows have consistently been a part of popular culture, because of what they can do for your facial structure. There is a science to creating the perfect brow; a different shape or a new color can change the entire look of your face. Our brows give our face balance and proportion, and as one of the most expressive and recognizable parts of the face they demand expert attention and care.


A clean, simple look

There are many different techniques you can use to style your eyebrows, which will help you achieve the ideal look that you want. And, different occasions call for different applications to your eyebrows. For example, eyebrow pencils are one of the best options because of how easy and accessible it is to use them. Slightly drawing above and below the brow can help to achieve smooth lines and a sharp finish. This will give you the perfect bold and clean look you have been looking for. You can then go in with a powder that matches your eyebrow color, and with an angled brush, can help fill in the brows and make them look fuller. Using these two products can help create a simple, flawless look. But if you are wanting to stand out from the crowd, dying your brows fun and unique colors can be a great way to express yourself.


Colorful eyebrows

You can make your eyebrows the main focal point of your face by dying them different colors, giving them an abstract form, and even making them sparkle! There are several creative ways to take your eyebrow look to the next level. The colored eyebrow trend is a great way to incorporate a pop of color to your makeup routine. This colorful look can be achieved by first applying a light concealer base to your eyebrows. A light base will help make the colors pop, and help the makeup stick to your brows all day long. You could then go in with any color eyeliner pencils or eye shadow and apply the color directly to the brows. A popular look right now is to create unique shapes on and around the brows, like hearts and stars, on bleached brows or colored brows. If you are always wanting creative and unique brows, and do not want to constantly apply a light concealer to your brows, bleaching them is a great solution. Our Eyebrow Lightener works as a great and gentle eyebrow bleach; it lightens the brows naturally, and is 100% cruelty free. By bleaching your brows the results will last longer, it will save you time in the mornings, and it will be smudge proof.  


Rhinestone and glitter brows


Another creative eyebrow trend has emerged within the last year or so: which is embellishing your eyebrows! This trend has now officially secured its spot on brow inspiration boards. So how does one enter the accessorizing game? One way is to cover the eyebrow area with concealer; the less visible brow hair, the more your rhinestones and gems will stand out. Or, for a more simply look, you can just brush your brows with any kind of holding gel before applying the gems. Then, apply an eyelash glue or any type of skin-safe adhesive to the small rhinestones or gems along the shape of your eyebrow. You can create any shape that you want, with as many gems as you want; or even add colorful glitter! Get creative with it!

Click Here  for some embellished eyebrow inspo!

Eyebrow Slit


If you are very fashionable and want to keep up with the latest trends, then this one's for you: The eyebrow slit . TikTok rebooted this trend in 2021-2023, which resonated with a lot of people and has become one of the most popular eyebrow trends of the year. This look is commonly achieved by plucking out the hairs or using a facial razor to cut the shape desired. To achieve the thin slit look you have to shave between your brows. You can go diagonally, vertically, and add as many or as few slits as you want. There’s a spectrum of intensity that can be achieved with this look, ranging from a single slit on one eyebrow to multiple slits on both brows. It all depends on how you want your look; it is very customizable. Either on one brow or both brows, you can also make them look funky by using the slits to create a geometric design on your face. The eyebrow slit is a genderless look; both men and women can rock it!


Have any questions, concerns, or recommendations? Let us know in the comments below :) 

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