How To Achieve the Best Eyebrow Slit

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How To Achieve the Best Eyebrow Slit

With low waisted jeans and butterfly clips recently flooding social media, it was only logical that eyebrow slits made their way back onto the scene. David Beckham and Vanilla Ice sported stellar eyebrow slits throughout the 90s, and so can you! In this blog, our Godefroy Eyebrow experts will show you how to tackle this trend with ease.

The History of the Eyebrow Slit 

Eyebrow slits have been around since ancient civilizations but were recently popularized in 1980s and 1990s. Some slits were used as a form of identification for gang members, others were synonymous with the hip-hop community and athletes. When mainstream culture caught onto the trend, it became a way to rebel against the eyebrow norms and express uniqueness. Thin eyebrows pushed the eyebrow slit trend out of the way as we entered the 2000s. 

Now, celebrities such as Zayn Malik and Jason Momoa are showing off their slit brows. Traditionally, this trend was adorned by men, but in 2023 it is not uncommon to see eyebrow slits on men and women. Through the years it has become more gender neutral.  

Steps to Getting the Perfect Eyebrow Slit 

 Eyebrows outlined in White Pencil for shaping

Essential Items 

  • Tape
  • Eyebrow pencil (preferably white) 
  • Eyebrow razor blade  

What next?

  1. Using a mirror, place two pieces of tape down that outline the section of eyebrow you would like to make a slit. Tape is important to use because it provides a straight edge to work with, keeping the slit looking sleek and even. 
  1. Mark the eyebrow hair between the pieces of paint with white eyeliner. The white eyeliner allows the hair to stand out so you can see it better.  
  1. Gently shave the eyebrow slit against the grain of the hair. 
  1. Remove tape and use soap and water to wipe the brow clean.  

Different Styles of Eyebrow Slits 

When looking at different ways to use this trend, it is important to decide on the specific style of eyebrow slit you want. The direction and angle can make a huge difference in your complexion. 


Straight is the most traditional and common type of eyebrow slit. Just like how it sounds, it simply breaks the eyebrow in two parts. Some people, however, have multiple straight slits. Adding gaps that are just millimeters wider can also add a zest to this traditional trend. 2-3 straight slits or wider slits are ways to add expression and differentiate yourself! 

Two straight eyebrow slits on woman's eyebrows


The placement of the straight eyebrow slit can also switch up your look. For example, you may choose to slit the front part or the tail end of your eyebrow. Either of these choices can completely change the look of your brows. 


group of women with fashionable eyebrow slits


 Angled eyebrow slits cut across the eyebrows in a sideways motion. This angled slit divides the eyebrow in a unique way. In 2023, individuals are also adding color to the divided eyebrow hairs for a distinctive pop of individualism.  

Another way to utilize the angled slit is by creating an ‘X’. This type of eyebrow slit has become increasingly popular in K-Pop culture! Ateez Hoongjoong is known for his signature ‘X’ eyebrow slit, which he also customizes by adding pearls and glitter into the gaps.  


Faking an Eyebrow Slit with Makeup

Does the thought of shaving your brows make you nervous? No need to worry! Tons of people sport a “slit” eyebrow without touching a razor once. To do so, you’ll need two things you probably already have in your makeup bag: concealer and a brow pencil. 

Apply the concealer to the desired area of your brow. Instead of using a beauty blender to buff it out, use a thin brush to more so pat the concealer in. Then, using your brow pencil, fill in the surrounding areas, making sure to create a contrast of the two different shades. You may have to repeat these steps a few times to lighten the brow hair, depending on the difference between your brow color and skin tone. Finish off the look with a setting powder or setting spray to keep the look in place. 

Growing Back Eyebrows after Eyebrow Slits 

Let’s be honest: trends will fade as the year passes. It’s fun to experiment with your style, but just how permanent are eyebrow slits? How will it be growing them back?  

After eyebrow slits, eyebrows will usually grow back at a normal pace, which is typically about 3-4 months but varies by person. While waiting for the hairs to grow in, you can always even out the brow by using an eyebrow pencil or promenade that matches your natural color. The stubble of the growing back hair may make the texture look off, which is why the correct color needs to be chosen.  

Growing back hair can be frustrating. Castor oil has properties and vitamins that can enhance hair growth, including omega 6, omega 9 and Vitamin E. Certain hair growth serums on the market contain cold pressed castor oil, perfect for growing eyebrows back to perfection. 

 double lash and brow growth serum godefroy beauty



Changing your facial features can be daunting. By utilizing this guide, you can determine if an eyebrow slit is a good choice for you, and if so, some of the most popular styles. Don’t like the results? Not to worry! Hair growth serums, brow pencils, and brow gels all give you the peace of mind to keep rocking your look, regardless of your brow's growth stage. Happy styling! 


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