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Most of us aren’t sure what’s going to happen to all the latest fashion trends this year. Will any of them catch on, or will the preferred sweatpants of the stay-at-home life prevail? One thing’s for sure, our favorite designers aren’t taking any chances. Our closets are about to be hit with a whole slew of comeback trends, exaggerated styles, and some outfits we haven’t seen before. Here are six of the biggest trends that we’re seeing on runways this year.

Exaggerated Shoulders: Sharp. Blocky. Ruffled. All types of exaggerated shoulders are making a stand this year. Perhaps this trend comes in with the social distancing guidelines, or maybe it’s about the imposing nature of broad shoulders. Regardless of why you wear it, widening your shoulders is a good way to contrast your waistline and provide a slimmer look.

Leather and Latex: Leather everything is in! Whether you go for the matte finish of traditional leather or the glossy shine of latex, you can’t go wrong with this style. We’re seeing it decorate every part of the body this year. It’s dresses and skirts; it’s shirts and blazers; it’s shoes and pants. If you’re looking for just a touch of this trend, try grabbing a quilted leather handbag, and you’re good to go!

Sweats: If there’s one thing you learned from your time in quarantine, it’s that everyone else likes wearing sweats as much as you do. The good news is matching sweatsuits are in! You don’t need to be headed to the gym to be wearing some of these, and you won’t need to change out of your comfort clothes to look cute.

Cut-outs: If you’re looking for creative ways to show more skin, this trend is for you. From square necklines to diamond-shaped cut-outs running from shoulder to hip, designers are cutting fabric wherever they can. Does less fabric mean less money for the clothes? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth it.

Bra tops: I guess everyone got tired of throwing a shirt on for their Zoom meetings because bra tops are everywhere. They are proving to be extremely versatile: You can wear them as part of a workout set, under a sheer top, beneath an open blazer, or on their own. They also look cute with a high waisted bottom to complete the outfit.

Capes: Who doesn’t love a good Medieval style cape thrown over their shoulders? Give that cape a modern twist, add some fur for warmth, attach it to a dress… Yup. It’s all been done. One thing is for sure, if you’ll be outside on a windy day, making a cape a part of your outfit is a must!

Leave us a comment on your favorite ways to wear these trends and on what styles you wish would make a comeback.

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