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Top 5 Most Common Eyebrow Myths Debunked

By Amaya Determann and Emersen Adams

Top 5 Most Common Eyebrow Myths Debunked

By Amaya Determann and Emersen Adams

Today, we're tackling some of the most widespread misconceptions about eyebrows and eyebrow tinting. Have you ever wondered if eyebrow tinting could damage your hair? Or, if you pluck your brows, will they grow back thicker? Well, today the hair exports at Godefroy are here to provide some clarity. So, let's debunk these myths together and uncover the truth behind achieving beautiful, well-maintained eyebrows!

Myth 1: Plucking makes eyebrows grow back thicker

Plucking your eyebrows doesn’t change the thickness of the individual eyebrow hairs. Often, tweezing can induce trauma to your skin. This creates mild irritation, redness, swelling, and even ingrown hairs. Over time, repeated eyebrow plucking can potentially damage the hair follicle, which might make the hair grow back finer, sparser, or not at all. The best practices to grow fuller, thicker brows can be achieved through essential oils and smart grooming techniques. Essential oils such as coconut and tea tree oil stimulate hair growth by creating a moisturizing barrier for cellular and follicular health. While avoiding over-plucking and brushing your eyebrows daily can improve your eyebrow grooming techniques. 

Myth 2: Your eyebrows should match your hair

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One of the most common misconceptions is the idea that you should match your eyebrow color to the exact shade of your hair color. This is not necessarily true. This myth overlooks factors such as skin tone, whether you're warm or cool-toned, and personal preference, all of which play a crucial role in selecting the perfect brow tint shade. 

Skin tone is a fundamental aspect to consider when choosing any makeup shade, including eyebrow products. Your skin tone can be classified as warm, cool, or neutral. Warm-toned individuals typically have yellow, peach, or golden undertones to their skin, while cool-toned individuals have pink, red, or blue undertones. Neutral-toned individuals have a balance of both warm and cool undertones. Understanding your skin tone is key because it influences how colors, like eyebrow products, can appear and look differently. It also helps to know to exact shade of your hair.  

Matching your eyebrow color exactly to your hair color may not always complement your skin tone. For example, if you have warm undertones and choose an eyebrow color that's too cool-toned, it can appear harsh and unnatural against your skin. Also, selecting a shade that's too warm for cool-toned skin can also create an imbalance in your overall look. 

Furthermore, personal preference should not be overlooked when selecting eyebrow tint shades. While some may prefer a subtle, natural look, others may want something darker and bolder. It is totally up to you! And luckily, Godefroy has six different hair color ranges for eyebrows and a color match to help you select the color suitable for you! A tip you can remember is that if you think a certain color is too dark, the two colors above it will work best for you.   

Want to know more about selecting the right shade for you? Click here to learn more.  

Myth 3: Brow tinting is painful or uncomfortable

woman getting microblade brows at salon

Myth 4: You can't change the shape of your eyebrows

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Myth 5: Brow tinting damages eyebrow hair

woman applying eyebrow tint

When it comes to your brows, they don’t need much. Keeping a simple routine and low maintenance grooming will supply the best results. Eyebrow tinting offers an effortless solution to maintaining impeccable brows. The simplicity of eyebrow tinting can dramatically define and shape the brows, while also being the ultimate time-saver. Godefroy’s debunked eyebrow tint myths will help you utilize the leading methods to experience an elevated look and simple life. Thanks for reading!

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