Ultimate Guide to Growing Longer, Healthier Lashes

Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Lashes, the Ultimate Guide to Growing Longer, Healthier Lashes

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Naturally achieving healthy, full eyelashes is a sought-after beauty goal for most people. Natural eyelash growth has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Popular alternatives like eyelash extensions and falsies can be costly and damaging in the long run. We asked our resident panel of hair experts and chemists at Godefroy Beauty to give you the run-down on everything you need to know to promote eyelash growth (without breaking the bank)!

In this blog post, we will discuss natural oils you can use on your lashes, store-bought products like lash serums, the importance of a well-rounded diet, and harmful habits to avoid!

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Natural Products for Healthy Eyelashes

One of the easiest ways to improve the length of your eyelashes is to incorporate a topical item into your skincare routine. Several household items you likely already have on hand are great supplements for growing out your eyelashes, and all you need to apply them is a clean mascara wand or a cotton swab!

Castor Oil: A Powerhouse for Eyelash Growth

Derived from the castor bean, Ricinus communis, castor oil is a versatile natural oil with as many as 30 documented uses and benefits. Known for its ability to deeply penetrate the skin, castor oil moisturizes and refreshes the applied area effectively. Not only does it promote faster eyelash growth, it also helps prevent breakage and gives longer and stronger lashes.

Olive Oil: Nourishment and Strength for Lashes

Pressed from green olives, olive oil is packed with beneficial fatty acids, including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. According to Healthline, these fatty acids may help strengthen the hair, condition the lashes, soften skin, and encourage healthy follicle functions. By incorporating olive oil into your eyelash and skincare routine, you can enjoy nourished and fuller lashes.

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Coconut Oil: Enhancing Fullness and Protection

While coconut oil may not directly stimulate eyelash growth, it does contribute to their fullness and length and prevent frequent lash loss. By incorporating coconut oil into your routine, you can protect and nourish your eyelashes. Coconut oil can help prevent eyelashes from falling out as frequently and can help fight bacteria that leads to hair loss, contributing to their overall health and appearance.

Green Tea Bath: Nurturing Lashes with Antioxidants

Green tea boasts abundant antioxidants, caffeine, and flavonoids, making it a nutrient-rich option to promote eyelash growth. To make the most of these nutrients, steep a cup of plain green tea and let cool until slightly above room temperature. Then, dip a cotton ball into the green tea and gently press into the eyelid and lash line. This method nourishes the lashes and encourages the eyelashes to grow darker and longer.

Note: Please be cautious when using this method. Avoid using hot green tea as it may cause damage to the eyes.


By incorporating these natural ingredients into your skincare routine, you can enhance the length, fullness, and overall health of your eyelashes. Castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and green tea offer a multitude of benefits that contribute to more strong and beautiful lashes. Of course, if you experience any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue use immediately and reach out to a medical professional.


Discover Effective Store Products for Lash Care

If you prefer ready-made solutions over DIY options, don’t worry! There are plenty of alternative options of store-bought products available to meet your lash care needs. From lash serums to petroleum jelly, these store products offer a simple yet effective method to add to your lash care routine. Let’s dive in and discover the wonders of these recommended products!

Godefroy Beauty Double Lash and Brow Serum

Lash Serums: Enhance both Lashes and Brows

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to boost both the beauty of your lashes and your eyebrows, consider a lash serum like the Godefroy Beauty Double Lash and Brow Serum ($14.95). This serum is formulated with organic, cold-pressed castor oil, known for its nourishing properties. With regular use, you can experience visible results and enhance the natural beauty of your lashes and brows in as little as two to six weeks. Elevate your eyelash care routine with this effective store-bought serum.

Petroleum Jelly: Simple and Effective Moisturization

For those seeking a straightforward yet effective solution, consider trying petroleum jelly, commonly known by the brand name Vaseline. Simply apply a small amount to your lashes and brows before going to bed to lock in moisture and promote healthy growth. This versatile product provides a protective barrier and contributes to your eyelash's overall health and appearance. Additionally, petroleum jelly can be used for dry lips, cuticles, and skin, making it a great multi-use product to add to your skincare routine.

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Mascara with Lash-Enhancing Ingredients

When it comes to store-bought lash care products, mascara with lash-enhancing ingredients can be a game-changer. Look for mascaras enriched with vitamins, peptides, and proteins like biotin that nourish and strengthen your lashes. These formulas provide both instant volume and length but also work to help promote healthy lashes over time. The neuMASCARA lash enhancing mascara contains peptides, biotin, and panthenol, all of which promote the growth of your eyelashes. However, mascaras like these are often expensive, making them less affordable than products like lash serums.

Eyelash Conditioners and Primers

Eyelash conditioners and primers are specially formulated to enhance the health and appearance of eyelashes. These products usually contain ingredients that strengthen, hydrate, and protect your lashes from external damage. By applying an eyelash conditioner or primer before your mascara, not only will it help your mascara stay better and appear longer, but it will also create a nourishing base that helps protect your eyelashes as well. Look for products that contain natural oils, peptides, and botanical extracts for maximum results.

Store-bought products offer convenient and effective solutions for your lash care routine. Whether you choose to use serums like Godefroy Beauty’s Double Lash and Brow Serum or a simpler approach with petroleum jelly, there is a wide variety of options available to try! Embrace the convenience of store products and easily enhance the natural beauty of your lashes with these options.

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Fuel Your Body with Essential Nutrients for Stronger Eyelashes

Disclaimer: It is crucial to consult with a medical professional before considering any new supplements or making dietary changes. The following information is for research purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.


Beauty emanates from within! Applying products to enhance your lashes is helpful, but what truly matters is what lies on the inside (both physically and metaphorically). Nourishing your body with healthy food and maintaining a good diet can significantly contribute to the growth of your lashes. Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in supporting an optimally functioning body. Among the 13 essential vitamins, there are several key vitamins that particularly help with promoting eyelash growth. Discover how these key vitamins, along with proteins like keratin and collagen, can help make your lashes longer.

Essential Nutrients for Stronger Eyelashes

Essential nutrients to promote stronger lashes include Vitamin A,  Biotin (B7), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Keratin, and Collagen. Together they work to promote healthier hair that lives longer before dying and falling out, which means they grow longer and appear fuller.

Foods rich in Biotin aka B7

  1. Vitamin A: As an essential vitamin for cell growth, Vitamin A helps promote the development of skin cells, including those that make up hair follicles. By assisting in the production of sebum, an oil that helps keep hair moisturized and able to grow, Vitamin A helps prevent breakage and maintain lash health.
  2. Biotin (B7): Known for stimulating the growth of new eyelashes, biotin is used in the body to produce keratin, a protein crucial for hair structure throughout the body. B7 strengthens eyelashes, making them less prone to breakage.
  3. Vitamin C: Commonly known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C is essential for tissue growth and development. It protects cells from stray oxygen molecules, which can damage cells and prevent healthy lash growth, thus fostering healthy lash growth. Vitamin C is also necessary to produce collagen, an important protein found in eyelashes.
  4. Vitamin E: Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E also helps protect cells from stray oxygen molecules and acts as an antioxidant. By potentially combating thinning lashes and fallout, Vitamin E can contribute to lash health. You can also break open liquid Vitamin E gel tablets and directly apply it to your lashes with a clean mascara wand or cotton swab.
  5. Keratin: Comprising 95% of hair, keratin is a protein responsible for supporting skin, nails, and hair. Hair products containing keratin hydrolysates can enhance hair brightness, strength, and softness.
  6. Collagen: Made up of various amino acids, collagen promotes longer and thicker hair by increasing the body’s hair building proteins. Collagen supplements may aid in repairing split ends and improving lash health.


Incorporating essential nutrients into your daily routine can fuel your body and overall wellness, but has added benefits like stronger hair, nails, and lashes. Vitamins like A, B7, C, and E, along with proteins like keratin and collagen play a crucial role in maintaining the health and growth of hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. By incorporating these nutrients into your diet and considering supplements with doctor’s approval, you can especially nurture your lashes from within. Remember to consult with a medical professional before making any dietary changes or starting new supplements.


Avoid Damaging Practices for Healthy Eyelashes

To ensure your efforts to improve lash health are not in vain, make sure you avoid damaging practices that can hinder lash health and impede their growth. Discover the important practices to avoid when it comes to maintaining healthy and beautiful eyelashes.

A woman sleeps with makeup on

Sleeping with Makeup

One of the biggest skincare mistakes is sleeping with makeup on. Leaving products overnight can clog pores, leading to breakouts and skin irritation.

Similarly, sleeping with products on your eyelashes can clog the hair follicles and stress the natural lashes, leading to breakage. Ensure healthy lash growth by removing all skin and eye makeup every day before bedtime. You can use gentle makeup wipes, micellar water, or special cleansers like The Ordinary’s Squalene Cleanser to thoroughly cleanse your lashes and provide a clean environment for them to grow.

Using Excessive Amounts of Products

While mascara, eyelash curlers, false eyelashes, and extensions can make the eyelashes appear longer and fuller, excessive use can weaken and damage them, sometimes even leading to premature hair loss. Applying multiple coats of mascara or frequently using waterproof mascara can make your lashes brittle and dry, leading to breakage and hindering the growth process.

When using eyelash curlers, be gentle and avoid excessive pressure and pulling, as this can weaken and damage the natural lashes. Additionally, frequent use of false eyelashes and extensions can stress and weaken the natural lashes over time. Strike a balance and give your lashes a break from daily product application by using the Godefroy Beauty 28-Day Mascara. It provides a natural tint in that lasts up to four weeks, giving your lashes a rest from mascara and curlers while still appearing full and luscious!

Using Harsh Chemicals

When removing makeup, be cautious of using harsh ingredients that can harm your lashes. Avoid makeup removers containing alcohol as they can dry out and weaken your eyelashes. Opt for gentle, oil-based removers that effectively remove eye makeup without causing harm. Similarly, using adhesives for false eyelashes or extensions that contain harmful chemicals can damage your lashes over time. Choose adhesive products specifically formulated for sensitive eyes, which will help ensure the health and integrity of your natural lashes.

Playing with Your Eyelashes

It is important to resist the urge to rub your eyes or pull at your lashes. This can disrupt the natural eyelash growth cycle and lead to premature lash fallout. Refrain from plucking individual eyelashes, as this can damage the hair follicles and impede healthy growth. Treat your lashes with care, and they will flourish naturally!

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By avoiding these harmful practices and incorporating nourishing products and habits, you can optimize the health and appearance of your eyelashes. Consistency and patience are key, and remember it usually takes about two to six weeks for visible results to appear. Protect your lashes, embrace healthy habits, and enjoy the beautiful results of well-nurtured and naturally stunning eyelashes.


In summary, achieving healthy and luscious eyelashes is possible when combining natural or store-bought products, nutritious foods, and avoiding habits that may hurt your lashes. Maintaining your lash health does not have to be difficult but remember to be patient and that it will take time before you see results. If you plan to take supplements to meet your dietary needs, always consult with your doctor before making any changes. By following these guidelines and being consistent, you can enhance the health and appearance of your eyelashes, boosting your confidence and natural beauty.

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