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Fast and gentle brow bleaching effect permanently lightens brow hairs for 2-4 weeks. Effective and safe to use around the eyes.

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Mineral Oil, Ammonium Persulfate, Potassium Persulfate, Sodium Silicate,
Carbomer, Sodium Cetearyl, Sulfate, Methylcellulose, Silica, EDTA, Magnesium Carbonate



Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people even after prior use without adverse affect. A patch test must be performed before each use.

Applying a blended mixture (see below) to a small part of jaw line.

Leave on for 8 minutes.Wash with cold water and wait at least 12 to 24 hours. If skin appears normal, proceed with application. Do not use if redness or irritation appears.


Wash area to be treated with soap and water. Pat dry.

Squeeze about 1/2 inch of crème lightener from lube into a mixing cup.Measure 2 parts of developer (about 1 cap full) and add to mixing cup with crème lightener.

Mix well until creamy consistency is reached.


Gently apply mixture to hair using enclosed application stick. Be sure to cover all hair thoroughly. Use enclosed eyebrow comb to insure mixture ii evenly dispersed. Process as listed below in processing time chart.

When processing is complete, wash area with cold water and pat dry. Do not rub.


Do not over process. Brassiness can occur if you leave the product on too long. Adhere to the processing times listed below. If brows should require further lightening, reapply mixture and process another 2 minutes.

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woman with bleach eyebrows

Eyebrow Lightening

Subtly lighten the color of the eyebrows, creating a softer blended look or bold and edgy.

Eyebrow Lightening

Subtly lighten the color of the eyebrows, creating a softer blended look or bold and edgy.

eyebrow lightening creme kit product information

Eyebrow Bleaching Before and After

Eyebrow Lightening Cream can be used for a variety of looks and themes. Either going for brows to match your highlights or a full bleached effect, see below on how you can use Eyebrow Lightening Brow Bleach to suit your hair and style.

No drip no odor

Eyebrow bleach cream product on spatula
  • Woman with before and after brown dyed brows

    Medium Brown

    When adding highlights to your hair, lighten your brows to match, giving a softer appearance without need to trim or pluck your brows.

  • Women with before and after blonde dyed brows

    Light Brown

    When going for a light brown or bleached blond look, brows can become distracting to the overall appearance if too dark. Godefroy brow bleach will lighten to tone to give the perfect match on your lightened hair.

  • Woman before and after bleached brows

    Bleached & White

    Eyebrow Lightening Cream can be used to create a fully white and bleached affect on the brows. This goes well with a fully white aesthetic, and will create an incredibly striking appearance.

Need to go darker?

Instant Eyebrow tint is a plant-based eyebrow tint supplies color, definition, and shine within 3 minutes, lasting up to 4 weeks. With our exclusive, no-mix blend, attain professional brows at home effortlessly. Discover eyebrow tinting today.

Customer Reviews

  • 4-5 minutes is definitely not enough unless you already have light brows. Since I have black brows, I had to leave it on for 2+ hours while sometimes reapplying (I wiped it off at least once before reapplying over the whole brow again), but i'm used to having to leave bleach on my roots for much longer than typical because my hair is too stronk. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. It did what I needed it to do, and it's gentle enough not to burn my sensitive skin, but because of that I suggest leaving it on longer while keeping an eye on it every so often and touching up as necessary.

    Keh Amazon Review
  • I wasn’t sure if this would work for me. I was actually very skeptical. I have really dark eyebrows, like dark dark brown hair. I applied it once for 4 minutes, then I wiped it off and reapplied it for an extra 4 minutes (not 2 as the instructions says). I could have applied it one more time for the amount of product I had left, but I was very pleased with the results. My hair tends to get brassy when I get highlights, but that didn’t happen with my eyebrows, maybe a little bit but not enough for me to really tell. Now it’s light brown, just like I wanted. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    CJ Amazon Review

Will my eyebrows go brassy?

No, this lightens on tone allowing it to lighten to a natural brown color

How light can I get my eyebrows?

It can gently lighten up to 4 shades from its natural color.

Is this safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use around the eye area

Can I save the mixture for another use in the future?

No, once the product has been mixed it needs to be used within 15 minutes and any remaining solution then thrown away..

Do I need to purchase anything else to use this product?

No, everything you need is included in the kit.

Can I use this to lighten other areas on my face?

Yes, it can also be used to lighten hair on the face, arms and body