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2023 Eyebrow Trends From Tik Tok and Fashion Experts

2023 Eyebrow Trends From Tik Tok and Fashion Experts

2023 Eyebrow Trends From Tik Tok and Fashion Experts

New year, new brow games! 2023 Could prove to be a transformative year for fashion trends in general as the world catches up with a newfound sense of social life. Below are some of the top trends we have seen across social media and through fashion experts.

What’s the next eyebrow trend?

The ‘90s are back! In the ‘90s and early 2000’s, many different eyebrow trends had their respected time in the spotlight, including bleached brows, eyebrow slits, big fluffy brows, and thin brows. Almost two decades later they are coming back in style and have become the center of attention in the beauty world. After reading through this blog, you can choose which eyebrows you think would suit your facial features best! These eyebrow trends are easy to achieve, but it is also easy to get overwhelmed by all the available options out there. So, we put together the most popular brow trends to help you decide which one is the best for you. But remember to always keep in mind:

Thin eyebrows

  Thin eyebrows have begun to trend on social media. One of the most iconic beauty trends in the ‘90s and early 2000’s were thin eyebrows. Celebrities and fashion bloggers who resonate with this era have embraced the thin eyebrow trend. This trend has been building momentum across all social media platforms. It is all about over tweezing your brow hairs to make them as thin as possible, and then going in with a sharp eyebrow pencil if necessary. The idea is to create definition with thin brows, and this gives a lightweight, sculpted look to the face. This brow trend can be a bit tricky though! When tweezing your brows to the desired level of thinness, make sure your brows are even with one another. To ensure they are both perfectly even, we suggest eyebrow mapping. If you are scared of tweezing too much hair, you can instead fake having thin brows with the use of concealer and other makeup products.

Eyebrow slit

    The eyebrow slit, popular in the ‘90s and inspired by R&B, rock, and hip-hop music artists, has made a comeback. The social media platform TikTok rebooted the edgy eyebrow slit trend in 2020-2023, which resonated with a lot of people and has become one of the most popular eyebrow trends of the year. This look is commonly achieved by plucking out the hairs or using a facial razor to cut off the shape desired. There are several other ways to achieve eyebrow slit, for example, with the use of sharp scissors and tape. There’s a spectrum of intensity that can be achieved with this look, ranging from a single slit on one eyebrow to multiple slits on both brows. It all depends on how you want your look; it is very customizable. The eyebrow slit is also a genderless look; both men and women can rock it! An eyebrow slit is a great way to emphasize your brow hairs, and when done correctly, can look elegant and add dimension to your face. This is trend is certainly unique and brings attention to your facial features.

Bleached eyebrows


Eyebrow bleaching was popularized in the ‘90s by big fashion houses through experimentation for fashion shows. From there, It became more mainstream with several celebrities, musicians, and fashion icons following suite. The bleached eyebrow trend has resurfaced through the use of social media, and several beauty influencers and celebrities bleaching their brow hairs. Bleached brows are a bold and fashionable choice, especially when your hair is a darker shade. Also, with darker shades of skin, bleached brows really add a pop of contrast to the face. It is also popular to bleach only parts of your eyebrow to create different shapes and patterns. Bleached brows create a more intense, editorial type look to the face. It is certainly a dramatic and confident look.

Big fluffy brows

From the ‘90s brow to the fox brow! The most popular brow trend that will dominate 2023 is here to stay. This aesthetic look has been trending for months now on social media sites such as Tik Tok and Instagram, even though it gained popularity in the ‘90s. People are still all about it. The big fluffy brow trend is highly popular among celebrities, influencers, and even people like you and me, due to how simple it is to achieve. To achieve this look, you must first restructure the brows, brush them upwards, and set them into the most desirable shape using a fixing product. A popular technique used to achieve this look is by using traditional eyebrow beauty tools. The brushed-up brow look helps fill in the gaps and give the appearance of fuller looking brows, and also Improves face symmetry.

How to Step Up Your Brow Game

Should your eyebrows be darker or lighter than your hair color? Your brows should be darker than your hair as there are usually thicker, and more coarse than the hair on your head. It creates a bolder appearance and does a better job with framing your eyes and providing a vessel for emotions.

If you have blonde or brown eyebrows and want them to appear fuller for this look, you can check out Godefroy's semi-permanent eyebrow tint. This will make your brows look fuller, darker, and bolder.

If you have thinning eyebrows, and want naturally thick brows to achieve this look, you can also check out our eyebrow growth serum. This hair growth serum is made with castor oil and natural, plant extracts, and can also be used for your lashes.

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