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How to Maintain Your Beauty Routine While Traveling

How to Maintain Your Beauty Routine While Traveling

How to Maintain Your Beauty Routine While Traveling 

By Alayah Brantley and Mehrien Sultana

It's officially summertime! The sun is out, your bags are packed, and adventure is calling! Summer vacations are for adventure, not for spending hours perfecting your look. This summer season, we're ditching the complicated routines and embracing a more travel-friendly beauty regime. Get ready for hacks, tips, and product picks that will keep you looking fresh and fabulous, all without sacrificing precious vacation time. So buckle up (or grab that pool float!), because we're about to show you how to maintain your beauty routine while traveling, without a single ounce of stress!

Travel-Friendly Beauty Tips

Dehydration is a traveler's worst enemy, wreaking havoc on your skin and leaving you looking dull. But lugging around your entire skincare routine is a recipe for disaster. Here's where travel-sized heroes come in! 

Compact Tools & Products

When it comes to traveling, it's all about conserving space! Pack travel-sized versions of your favorite tools, such as mini hair straighteners or travel-friendly makeup brushes and leave the full-sized tools behind. Check out the travel sections of any major retailers to find travel-sized toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and more. For more specific items like styling tools or accessories, look online or in specialty beauty stores. Look for items that maintain functionality with creative, compact designs. 

Most makeup and hygiene brands carry travel-sized versions of their products. Like compact tools, travel-sized makeup products can be found online or in the travel sections of major retailers. They will ensure space efficiency and ease of travel through airport security. Some of our favorite travel-sized products are... 

Batiste Dry Shampoo


Lume Natural Deodorant


Hero Cosmetics Sunscreen


Snail Mucin



Maintaining a beauty routine while traveling is vital to looking and feeling your best on the go. It requires a little bit of planning and thought. However, having a routine that prioritizes moisture, simplicity, and space is all you really need! By focusing on essential products and embracing a minimalist approach, you can ensure that your routine is both effective and efficient. With these tips and recommendations, you are sure to stay picture-ready and well-groomed while on the road or in the skies! Thanks for reading. 

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