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The Godefroy Guide to the Clean Girl

By Andrew Campbell

The Godefroy Guide to the Clean Girl

By Andrew Campbell

The “Clean Girl” aesthetic is the latest it girl trend. This aesthetic has been trending for months now on social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram, and even though it gained popularity in 2022, people are still all about clean girl! Here is what you need to know: the Clean Girl aesthetic focuses on enhancing your natural beauty, with minimal products and effortless, fast looking results. Key components to this look include feathered eyebrows, slick, pulled back hair, and minimal eye makeup. All women can achieve this look, by making their natural beauty and bare features the star of the show. A small amount of makeup products can sometimes be used to help achieve this look. We are going to show you how to accomplish all of this: The Godefroy way.

Eyebrow tinting

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Skin Care

Young woman with a no makeup makeup look


Another key component to the clean girl look is pulled back hair. This can either be a low bun, ponytail, or pulled back into a claw clip. For those of us with colored hair, you know the struggle of your roots beginning to peak through again. And with your hair slicked back, there is no way in hiding them! A solution to this could be Godefroy's Hair Color Kit, to color over your stubborn natural roots, ensuring flawless looking hair that is all one color. This product comes with 20 mini color capsules. There are also 6 different shades to choose from.


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By this point, you have almost achieved the perfect look! If you feel like your makeup routine is missing something, try exfoliating and applying a tinted moisturizer beforehand. You could also use a tinted ChapStick and a light amount of blush.

Questions or concerns? Be sure to drop a comment below, and we will get back to you!

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