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The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

By Alexis Scarlett & Sophia Zevallos

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

By Alexis Scarlett & Sophia Zevallos

Spring is officially here so you know what that means? Spring cleaning, but not the spring cleaning you might be thinking of. It’s time for your makeup bag to have a fresh start! Cleaning out your makeup bag or washing your makeup tools may have slipped your mind, but that’s why we have your back. We're here to remind you how important it is to have clean makeup tools and to discard expired makeup products (Yup, makeup does expire!). In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to start spring off with a refreshed makeup routine and a clean, organized bag. Let's get started!

Assess and Declutter

We know how easy it is to be attached to your makeup products. “Maybe one day I’ll use it!” “I am saving this shade for a special occasion!” Girl, let’s be so real with ourselves right now. This is your sign to throw away and let go of the makeup products you have not used or picked up in the last six months. The longer you hang onto makeup products you have not used, the closer they will be to their expiration date. Do you want to use a makeup product that has expired? Exactly, so just throw it away. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor, trust me. It is time to say goodbye to products you have no use for to have a more organized makeup bag or to potentially make room for new products.

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Cleaning Essentials

Here are some ways to clean out your makeup bag, brushes, and tools:

  • Use a brush shampoo or facial cleanser to clean your brushes, sponges, and beauty blenders. With warm water, use a bowl or your sink to rinse out your brushes. Swirl your brushes around the palm of your hand or against a silicone cleansing glove with refined textures to deeply cleanse your brushes. 

  • Sometimes foundations spill or powdered products break which causes your makeup bag or pouch to stain. I know how frustrating that can be, but don't fret. If some makeup happens to spill in the moment, an easy way to clean the mess is by using a damp towel on a plastic pouch or hard case. However, if you happen to spill makeup on a fabric makeup bag, we recommend you pop it in the washer using warm water/the delicate setting, hand wash it, or use makeup remover with a small washcloth.  
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Maintaining Hygiene

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Keepers and Spring Additions

As spring blossoms, it's the perfect time to refresh our beauty routines, ensuring our makeup and skincare products not only enhance our natural beauty, but also maintain their safety throughout the season. An essential aspect of this seasonal beauty refresh is being mindful of the longevity of our products. Take, for instance, Godefroy Double Lash and Brow Growth Serum and our Instant Eyebrow Tint. These products are designed not only to elevate your beauty routine with effortless elegance but also come with a thoughtful consideration towards shelf life. The Double Lash and Brow Serum, known for its nurturing formula that promotes thicker and fuller lashes and brows, and the Instant Eyebrow Tint provides a long-lasting and natural-looking tint. Both offer an optimal shelf life, 36 months after opening, that ensures you can enjoy their benefits fully during their prime. This spring, let's prioritize the longevity of our beauty essentials, ensuring they deliver not only on their promises of beauty enhancement but also on safety and quality over time.

Spring Essentials

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As we welcome the warm whispers of spring, a routine refresh of our makeup bag should be a necessity. By curating our beauty collections, we not only streamline our daily routines but also embrace the renewal that the season stands for. Cleaning out our makeup bags and getting rid of old products will help to carry you through the sunny days ahead with confidence and ease. Thanks for reading!  

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