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4 Must-Try Makeup Trends for Spring 2024 

By Amaya Determann and Sophia Zevallos

4 Must-Try Makeup Trends for Spring 2024 

By Amaya Determann and Sophia Zevallos

Welcome to the ultimate guide for staying on-trend this spring 2024! From dewy skin to colored eyeliners, prepare to unleash your inner artist this spring season. Keep reading to find out the top 4 makeup trends you need to keep on your radar. Let's get into it.

1. Dewy Skin and Minimal Foundation

The dewy skin makeup look is the most sought-after aesthetic this season, along with the "no-makeup" makeup look. The perfect luminous, hydrated complexion achieved through tinted moisturizers, subtle shimmers, and lip oils. Products such as sheer foundations offer balanced and breathable coverage. Providing you with a smooth base to create the most optimal makeup possibilities. Highlighters also play a pivotal role, subtly applied onto the high points of the face. Creating the illusion of natural effervescent skin in the spring light. The overall effect is enhanced by minimal flirty-toned eye shadows and a pink lip to create the perfect spring pout.

2. New Eye Makeup Looks

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We have found that winter and spring colors are blending together to create a frosty eyeshadow look this year. Using glittery, pale blue and pink shades, you can achieve a shimmery eye look. This trending frosty look combines glittery eyeshadows and seafoam eyeliners. Going along with the blue, colored mascara is making its way into the spring trends. Blue mascara and waterline eyeliners have been going viral lately. You can also incorporate blue shimmers in the inner corners of your eye to make your makeup pop. If bright colors are not your thing, the “no makeup” makeup look is still one of the most popular makeup looks out there. A minimal and effortless eye look can be achieved by using just an eyelash curler and a clear or brown mascara. With multiple trends on the rise, you can include a pop of color or no color at all into your spring makeup routine to still fit into the makeup looks this year. And, something else that pairs perfectly with all of this is a good-quality eyebrow tint. Temperatures are rising in the spring, and with an eyebrow tint, you don't have to worry about your brows smudging or sweating off this spring.

3. Switching Your Skincare

Woman practicing her skincare routine

4. Blush Overload!

The color pink is not only being used for eye looks, but for your whole face. Blushes are becoming one of the most popular makeup products in 2024. From liquid/cream blushes to the viral cheek stains, overloading your face with blush is in! Before, using small amounts of blush on your cheeks was trending to achieve a subtle pink flush, but now blush is applied all over the cheeks and going toward the temples or blending into your eyeshadow. Blushes now go beyond pink shades. With one of Rare Beauty’s most popular liquid blush colors being coral and Patrick Ta’s berry dual creme and powder blush, blush is available in purple and orange shades to match different skin tones. This year, do not be afraid of incorporating piles of blush in your makeup routine!  

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This spring season is an invitation to explore makeup creativity in new ways. With the resurgence of pastel hues, alongside with the bold statement of graphic eyeliners, the spring makeup trend this year is all about playful experimentation and a return to simpler, more natural aesthetics. Be sure to check out our spring makeup blog from 2023 to see any similarities or differences. Thanks for reading!

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