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Get Ready For Spring: Top Spring Beauty Trends

Get Ready For Spring: Top Spring Beauty Trends

Get Ready for Spring: The Godefroy Way!

Spring is officially here! The weather here in Texas is already warming up, and it's time to trade in that sweater and jeans for dresses and shorts! Though, summer is just around the corner, so these warmer temperatures can make it hard to achieve the fresh face you want. Due to the heat, your skin may produce more oil and sweat, which will affect how your makeup is worn. Luckily, Godefroy has products designed to help maintain and enhance your natural features, despite the weather! All our tints are waterproof and sweatproof and will only make your morning routine easier. To kick off the spring season we are going to showcase products and techniques that will help look and feel your best version even in 100-degree weather!    

Makeup hacks


If you choose to wear makeup, here are a few tips and tricks you can follow.

Use a lightweight foundation: Swap out heavy foundations for lighter, water-based formulas that won't feel heavy on the skin. This will make you look less oily and make your base look more put together.

Primer is key: Cover the area of your face with primer before applying makeup will help it last longer and prevent oiliness.

Invest in a setting spray: A setting spray will help your makeup stay put in hot weather and prevent it from melting off your face.

Waterproof everything: If you are wearing makeup outside or to the pool or the lake, use waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and even eyeshadow to avoid smudging or smearing.

Use blotting papers: Keep blotting papers on hand to quickly remove excess oil and sweat throughout the day without disrupting your makeup.


How To Benefit From Godefroy Products

Embrace a more natural, minimal look this spring! Consider tinting your lashes, your eyebrows, and using a growth serum instead. It will be less of a hassle, can save you money, and will pair perfectly with your sun kissed skin.

Waterproof Cosmetics

Our instant eyebrow tint kit  is one of our top sellers that will give you perfect results within minutes; and you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Tinting your brows can help define the shape of your eyebrows and make them a few shades darker if needed to give your face some contrast. Our tint formula is gentle and perfect for those with sensitive skin and can be purchased in five different shades. In combination with our eyelash tint, you can do without any makeup and sport a fresh face this spring; also, the tints are waterproof, making them perfect for water activities. Need help? Here is everything you need to know about eyebrow tinting

 Instant eyebrow tint product information, 3 different sizes


Curled Lashes

Curled, lifted lashes that last all day are also a must this spring! We have a product called the Permacurl, and this heated eyelash curler is perfect for traveling in the spring/summer! This product comes with a warming station, a USB cord, and our eyelash curler, though you can use this device with any eyelash curler you have. PermaCurl safely and gently warms your lashes to create extra lash lift and a longer lasting curl; perfect for a party, going out on the boat, or shopping. Benefits include; it only takes minutes to heat up, it fits most standard metal eyelash curler, and has a professional infused eye cushion/pad.

For tips and tricks on how to lengthen your lashes naturally, click here. 

 woman with long lashes applying mascara


Bleach Brow

With enough exposure, the sun can naturally lighten your hair overtime. The effects aren't as prominent with eyebrow hair, so Godefroy’s beauty eyebrow lightener can help you lighten the shade of your eyebrows up to five shades lighter. This lightener is easy, convenient and delivers quick results.

Trends come and go and if you have been paying attention to this year's fashion by now you are probably familiar with bleached brows. This spring season you may want your brows to stand out in contrast with a dark tan; this is perfect for edgy looks and straying away from the classic beauty standards. Compliment your hair color and skin by creating softer, more natural looking brows with Godefroy's favorite Eyebrow Lightening Creme Kit .

Benefits: Process it in minutes, quick and easy application process, lightens your brows up to five shades, affordable high-quality product, and can be used at home.


Growth serum

Godefroy Double Lash and Brow Serum a six-week nighttime treatment that is combined with organic castor oil and plant extracts to provide intense nourishing to thin or sparse lashes and brows. Castor Oil has the unique ability to increase hair growth and thickness for longer, fuller lashes. Using an all-natural formula, we have developed this unique nighttime treatment conditioning to provide visible end results; you will have perfect long lashes this spring, without needing mascara!


This spring season is a great time to embrace new makeup and cosmetics trends! When it comes to perfecting your spring/summer routine it's all about having that sun-kissed glow, embracing new looks, and trying out quality products that are beneficial for you. Thanks for reading! 

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