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Ultimate Guide for Fall Fashion Trends in 2023

Ultimate Guide for Fall Fashion Trends in 2023

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Ultimate Guide for Fall Fashion Trends in 2023

As we near the end of summer, it’s time to spice up our style and our pumpkin lattes! If you need direction in the hottest trends for fall 2023, look no further. From makeup to fashion, the Godefroy Beauty experts have you covered. Keep reading for our tips and tricks on how to look your best this autumn season.



Brown and nude palettes are in this autumn. The trend dubbed "latte makeup" incorporates bronzed and dark browns that give a subtle but glamorous look to the eyes. Lining the waterlines with dark eyeliner gives the perfect touch to the look as well. If you’re not into bold makeup looks but still want a pop to your makeup routine, try adding latte inspired makeup this fall season.  



“Vampire lips” are in! Kylie Jenner popularized the red vampire lip that went viral after a TikTok post. To achieve this look use the darkest lip liner you have to line the lips, apply a red, brown, or purple lipstick, and then put a tinted gloss on top. Vampire lips use contrasting shades of red to give a bold and alluring look! Bold lips have made their way onto the runway for the fall season and in influencer looks, which can be seen all over social media.  



Long and voluminous lashes will always be in style, no matter the season. New trends for achieving long eyelashes are constantly emerging. This year, tubing mascara is the go-to product for achieving long lashes. Tubing mascara has a formula that creates a tube-like shape around each individual lashes. Polymers found in tubing mascara formulas give the effect of longer looking lashes. Tubing mascara provides a long-lasting, flexible wear that will nor smudge or flake.   

While tubing mascara is the lash product of the fall, the secret to great lashes is adding in lash treatments and serums as part of your daily routine. Lash serums are a popular product on the market that condition the lashes and give volume. Look for serums with castor oil and plant extracts to naturally strengthen the lash cuticles.  

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Skincare / Haircare

Seasonal changes may require you to re-consider the products you’re using in your skincare routine. As the temperatures start to cool down, our skin may become dry and prone to cracking due to the cold and dry air. And so, it is essential to shield our skin from the elements and change our skincare routine accordingly. You can thicken up your face moisturizer to avoid dry skin.  

 If your skin gets excessively dry in the fall and winter, think about introducing oils to your skincare routine. Avoid face oils that have added dye or scents. Instead, opt for cold pressed oils that are unrefined. For more information on skincare changes in the fall, check out our blog: How to Transition your Skincare Routine with the Seasons.

Also, on chilly fall days, it may seem tempting to jump into a hot shower. However, you might want to opt for lukewarm water when it comes time to wash your hair. Once the temperature drops, so does the humidity. High heat on the head can lead to dry hair and breakage. The key to healthier hair, scalp, and more vibrant looking hair is cooler waters temperatures.  



Cropped tops are not just for the summer. Hoodies and jackets can be cropped to give you more shape while also staying warm! High waisted bottoms with cropped tops will give you coverage and a flattering silhouette.  




Long skirts have been all the rage recently, and it will continue now that the weather is getting chillier! Long skirts/Maxi skirts can add a feminine touch to your outfit and can dress up your day-to-day fits. Moving on to pants, the silhouette of wide leg jeans are in. This style looks good with a nice pair of boots, or sneakers. Investing in a good pair of wide leg jeans will last you the whole season! 



Boots are going to be big this fall, anything from Uggs to something a little more sophisticated like heeled knee-high boots. A good pair of boots are a staple in your fall wardrobe and can be dressed up or down and are versatile for any occasion! These boots by Vince Camuto are excellent quality and super cute and trendy. Another staple for fall is a good pair of sneakers. These can be easy to throw on when you are in a rush and on the go! Adidas Sambas are currently trending after many models have been seen wearing them. They can elevate any look and give a “model off duty” vibe.  


What we love about fall is the endless accessorizing we can do. Accessories can really pull an outfit together and add that special touch! Scarves can provide warmth, but also be a statement piece. Similarly, shawls are an elevated version of scarves and there are so many to choose from. Sticking to a neutral color palette can help make building outfits easier. Another super cute accessory is leg warmers. Through the last year, there has been a resurgence of this 80’s fashion trend and we are living for it. Add leg warmers to some boots to add a vintage and trendy touch. Any questions or comments on any of these fall trends? Be sure to let us know down below.  


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