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Ultimate Guide for Summer Fashion Trends in 2023

Ultimate Guide for Summer Fashion Trends in 2023


In the realm of beauty, trends are constantly evolving, some of them changing with the seasons! Now that it is summer time, everyone is wanting to stay fashionable and trendy without breaking a sweat (or the bank)! We are here to help you look and feel your best as we dive into the hottest makeup and fashion trends now. Godefroy is here to cover it all, so that you will be prepared this summer season to take on anything that life throws at you. To continue, you can either choose from the table of contents to see what you want specifically or read from the beginning to learn about it all.



Every year different makeup trends come and go, and some even make a comeback decades later. Take for example, white eyeliner, which is now an increasingly popular makeup technique used to make your eyes appear larger, and more doll-like. However, back in the 70s and 80s, white eyeliner was a common choice to pair with bold eyeshadow and bright makeup looks. Our research shows that white eyeliner is becoming more common with Gen Z, which is used to brighten the face and give the appearance of wider eyes.


Now let's talk brows! For the summer, two conflicting trends are in right now: bleached brows, and big, fluffy brows. Godefroy has an Eyebrow Lightener which uses 100% cruelty free formula to naturally lighten the brows. By bleaching your brows, the results will last longer, it will save you time, and it will be smudge-proof. 

For big, bold brows that will stay dark for weeks, you can accomplish this look several ways. You can use the brow lamination method, microblading, tinted gel and other brow makeup, or by tinting your brows!

Another increasingly popular makeup trend has been tantouring, where people apply tanning lotion with the self-tanning chemical DHA to their face where they would typically put contour. As a result, they get a natural, glowy look that only takes a few minutes but can last for several days. Perfect for the summertime; you can get that sun kissed glow without damaging your skin or needing to put on heavy makeup for a day at the pool or beach.




Move over, t-shirts! Crochet and corset style tops are all the rage right now! Crochet and knit tops, popularized for their softness and generally bright colors, have become increasingly popular with more and more small businesses launching crochet tops. In addition to being cute and trendy, they are also usually much more sustainably made than mass t-shirt production.

Corset style tops have a history of making style comebacks. Originally believed to have come around in the 16th century in the Victorian Era, they have moved in and out of style for hundreds of years. Older models were a more rigid, constrictive piece of clothing made to cinch the waist and to appear smaller. Now in 2023, corset tops are meant to enhance your natural beauty and not to suppress your body. People have been opting for corset tops that are cute, breathable, and won’t squeeze your ribs like the old ones did!


There’s no denying that summers have been feeling hotter than ever. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted a hotter summer than usual in 47 states this year! As such, it’s no surprise to see flowy shorts at the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers List. Commonly made with cotton, these shorts provide coverage while keeping you cool. With their soaring popularity, more patterns and prints are becoming available, giving you looks that range from casually beachy to upscale dinner. Perfectly versatile for the summer!

 The gym is no exception to clothing trends! Workout skirts with built-in shorts have become increasingly popular, as well as flowy shorts that, at first glance, look like skirts themselves. Made with polyester, these products are often extremely smooth and flattering, making them a top choice for gym goers and perfect for summer-time!



Colorful shoes are in for the summer! Bright, colorful sandals have been brought back by the Y2K look. Available in short heels, tall heels, platforms, pumps, and virtually any other style, colorful sandals are here to stay for the summer. Check out the front page of Amazon’s shoe selection, where you’ll be greeted with a rainbow of bright pinks, greens, and yellow sandals, sneakers, and heels.


Shifting away from the bulky, chunky looks of the 2010s, minimalist jewelry seems to be more preferred. Simple, dainty necklaces and bracelets in gold and/or silver are in right now. These minimalist accessories are a staple in achieving the “clean-girl aesthetic,” which has an emphasis on minimal, effortless, natural beauty.


Next, let's talk about purses! While the Y2K look tends to showcase more colorful and funky-shaped bags, the clean girl look tends to include more simple, compact bags. However, some similarities of these aesthetics are the small size, cross-body style, and uniqueness to each accessory. The quilted style bag has become a staple in many looks, which is someone of a combination of both of these styles.


Complete Looks

Not sure how to style these summer fashion trends? Not to worry, Godefroy has got you covered! Here we’ve compiled a handful of outfits that pull from each category mentioned above to give you a complete look!

Look One: Out on the town!

White Knitted Top

Flowy Black Drawstring Shorts

Black Platform Sandals

Minimal Sundial Necklace


Look Two: Corset top with shorts

Hot Pink Corset

Straight-Leg Jean Shorts

Pink Four-Inch Square Toe Heel

Boho Woven Bag



Look Three: Nicer Look (Going Out)

Floral Corset Top

Peachy Mini Skirt

Gold Stiletto Heels

White Cross-body Bag


Have any questions, or have a summer style not listed above? Drop ideas (or any questions you may have) in the comments below!

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