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Winter Makeup Trends and 2024 Beauty Insights  

By Maheen Virani

Winter Makeup Trends and 2024 Beauty Insights  

By Maheen Virani

As the seasons change, fashion, makeup, and color palettes change with it. To adapt to the weather in your environment, you might have to change out some of your products from the summer. Like skin care for example; most people experience issues with dry skin during the winter and as a result opt for more moisturizing products. As you change out products, also think about switching out your summer/fall colors for winter shades. But with trends changing so fast, keeping up with them can be exhausting.That is why we are here to tell you about everything current in the beauty world! Godefroy will keep you updated on everything from winter skincare to 2024 trend forecasts. Keep reading to learn more!

Winter Skin Prep:

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Someone with typically dry skin will have extremely dry skin in colder climates, so we would advise you to use a thicker moisturizer meant to lock moisture in. If you usually have oily skin, you should still be moisturizing especially during the colder months. You should opt for a more gel-like moisturizer, or one that is water-based, that will keep your skin hydrated but not make your skin oilier. Adding a hydrating serum to your routine can also help give your skin the boost it needs. While you’re at it, don’t forget to keep your lips moisturized as well!

Winter Makeup Product Recommendations:  

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For the winter, bold brows are in! We recommend a brow tint that will last you for weeks, and we recommended choosing a darker shade like black or dark brown. These shades will make your brows bolder and more pronounced. Not sure how to tint your brows at home? Don't worry, we have a guide that covers everything you need to know.  

If you have been on TikTok these days, you know “cold girl” makeup is all the rage. Cold girl makeup is a trend that has been around since last year and recently resurfaced on TikTok. This makeup trend emphasizes blush and highlighter. It mimics how flushed our skin gets when we are out during the chilly weather. Like every other makeup trend, you start with your foundation and concealer to your liking. You then add a very pigmented blush, preferably one that has a cool tone. Then you apply light eyeshadow and top it off with a white/cool toned highlighter on your inner eye corners. For lips, it is completely up to you but preferably, use a bright pink or red lip-gloss to mimic the color of your lips when you are in the cold. 


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Beauty Insights for 2024:

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In Conclusion

The beauty world changes so fast, and we always see new products and techniques that can be overwhelming. Some of these trends might just be a revival of the way you did your makeup when you were younger! Nonetheless, it can be fun to go back and revisit that time. We hope this helps provide some fun beauty inspiration for the new year! It can be frightening to try out current trends, but you never know... it might become your new favorite. Questions or comments? Let us know below 😊 Be sure to check out our most recent blog: Top Facial Hair Care Products for a Healthy Beard.

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