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How to Tint your Eyebrows at Home. DIY Eyebrow Tinting Guide


Tired of spending so much of your time in the mornings brushing, tweezing and shaping your brows? Godefroy's DIY eyebrow tint kit is the game changing solution to your problem. Eyebrow tinting can add volume, enhance the shape, and improve the symmetry of your brows without the need for makeup. Eyebrow tinting only needs to be done every couple of weeks and can survive anything you put your eyebrows through; and can easily be done in the comfort of your own home! Tinting is ideal for athletes, busy lifestyles, or people who are looking to simplify their morning routine. For more information check out our Complete Guide : Everything you need to know about eyebrow tinting, written by Lena Campbell, CEO of Innovative Beauty Products and with over 20 years, an expert in eyebrow tinting.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure where a semi-permanent dye is applied to enhance your natural brows. Studies show, when you tint your eyebrows, the pigment will stain your hair and the skin below. Our 28 Day Tint Kit is perfect for at home eyebrow tinting, the formula is a gentle plant-based pigment with semi-permanent results on your hair. Once applied, your eyebrows will appear full and dark for about 1-2 weeks. The exact duration may depend on the cohesiveness/texture of your brows and how dark you want them to be. The thicker your brows, the longer you will need the dye to sit before wiping it off.
How to prepare for eyebrow tinting

Taking care of your eyebrows is important when it comes to eyebrow tinting. Healthy and fuller looking eyebrows will receive the best results. Eyebrow Growth Serums can be a great start for this! This product will maximize hair growth for both your eyebrows and eyelashes. And for more information on how to grow and maintain long lashes, feel free to check out our ultimate guide to growing healthy lashes. Before applying any substance or dye to your skin, make sure your brows are clean of any makeup or beauty products. Once your skin is prepped and dry, you can apply Vaseline around the area of your brows to prevent any staining on your skin. There are some potential risks of allergies, so before you slather your brows in dye, you should patch test the crème colorant on a small spot on your skin before applying it to the rest of your face. But since our products are made with all natural ingredients and plant derived ingredients, it is perfect for sensitive skin.


Eyebrow tint before and after:

 eyebrow tint before and after shade black

How to Tint Your Eyebrows

You can get beauty salon results at home! Godefroy Beauty has produced numerous tutorials showcasing just how to tint your eyebrows at home. Eyebrow tint will not only stain hair, but it stains your skin as well. It is important to clean up your eyebrows and remove any unwanted hairs to prevent them from showing up darker or misleading the desired shape. Before you step into the tinting process it is helpful to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the surrounding areas you don’t want to stain.

After everything has been prepped, use a brow brush or applicator to carefully apply the first step, which is the crème colorant. Gently pat away excess colorant before applying the second solution. Wait a minute or 2 while the colorant settles, before applying the gel activator with a clean brush or the wiped off applicator. Let the solution sit on your eyebrows for two minutes. Wipe off with a wet rag and be sure to remove all tinting solution before washing your face. Let your brows dry and examine the results! Luckily, this solution is buildable if needed, you can apply multiple coats for darker or more defined brows. Even with precaution mistakes are made and unwanted stains happen, try a Stain Remover to effectively removes color from the skin, without irritating it.

 woman applying eyebrow tint with spoolie


Eyebrow Tint After Care

To keep your brows looking the best try not to wash them from 12-24 hours after dying them. Keeping the area away from sun, salt water and sweat for the same time frame will prevent irritation and help the color dye last longer. This means you should avoid washing your face, applying any skin care products, or working out. After all the tinting process, you can wash your brows with a gentle cleanser at the time of washing your face. You will also want to moisturize your brows to keep them looking vibrant and shiny. However, this is a semi-permanent solution, so your tint will fade over time. Make sure to touch up your brows every few weeks to maintain the desired color shade. Immediately after dying your brows, you can also go in and apply Color Keep for Lashes and Brows, which provides intense conditioning benefits and color protection after you tint your brows.

In Conclusion

In order to ensure you are tinting your brows correctly, follow Godefroy’s Guides and tutorials for the best-looking results! When tinting your eyebrows at home, it's important to choose a reputable brand. Overall, tinting your eyebrows at home can be safe if done properly, but it's important to be aware of the risks and take appropriate measures to minimize them. And you now have all the tools you need to dye your eyebrows at home, which will save you money in the long run! Have any comments or concerns? Let us know below!

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